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THIS is a recent stack of happiness from the library.
I've already devoured the bottom two books (highly recommend) in rapid succession and will be making my way through the others soon. Shutter Island, THAT was a trip. It had something like an, "I see dead people," Sixth Sense kind of twist that I did not see coming.

THIS is a selfie Annelise and I took as we left the library last week. We totally timed our visit wrong, arriving just as Storytime was letting out. THAT was chaos on a cracker.
The #50milesinjuly challenge is still chugging merrily along and my feet have been on THIS   street (and a few others) a lot lately. 
THAT is not a duck face, THIS a WHEW face.
THIS is the RunKeeper summary from one of my runs last week. I started using this app about two(ish) weeks ago when my Garmin bit the dust and I couldn't get it resuscitated. I certainly liked the convenience of RunKeeper and I liked what it was telling me my pace had improved blah, blah, blah.
THAT was all a lie. Well, partial lies at least. I knew my distance was usually fairly close because I always run pretty much the same route but it turns out it was probably 1/4 of a mile off, which adds up. I was never convinced I was running that fast on average since I follow 4:1 intervals. I mean, I might have a few intervals that are faster than others but overall my pace stays in the 11:30-12:30 range on average, so I don't know where it got its crazy fast pace data.
Last week I decided to give my Garmin another shot and realized the charger cord hadn't been plugged all the way in.

Duh! <Kicks self>  
So my oldie but a goodie Garmin is back. THIS is great news!
Friday I took a break from running and went back to my other soul mate work out, TurboFire. I tend to get tunnel vision and only do one type of workout at a time, I think THAT has something to do with my addictive/ all or nothing personality. I also did one of the Burn strength circuits from ChaLEAN Extreme, which had been long overdue.
THIS past Saturday morning I went for a longer run with my old running group.
It had been at least three years since the last time I met them for a run, so THAT made me a little nervous. 
Sometimes just the simple act of showing up is huge.
I ended up doing 6 miles which was the longest I've run in quite a while and was a sweaty heap when I finished. But I was pretty doggone proud of myself just the same.
Most of the group is faster or slower than I am (I don't think anyone does run:walk intervals) so I ended up being by myself most of the run, but I'm used to that. It was still nice to see others along the route as they zoomed on by.

Thanks to THIS early morning run yesterday (Scott had a dentist appointment and left for work later) I got in another three miles. THAT brings me to 36 miles for #50milesinjuly so far.
I hope I make my goal!
After a particularly sassy/back-talking moment and banishment to her room for bed, Annelise left me THIS note.
THAT is too much. And too sweet. And too funny.

THIS is one of our favorite summer treats.
THAT's a fact Jack.

THIS pedicure yesterday while Annelise was at VBS was long overdue.
I went back to a salon I used to go to several years ago and remembered how much I liked it there, so I'm switching allegiances (if there are such a thing as nail salon allegiances) back to that salon.
Aren't you glad I told you THAT?

THIS is my current lazy summer go-to hairdo. It's kind of a fake bun* or almost topknot. First of all, I'm thrilled my hair is finally long enough to wear it this way, even though it's only a baby bun right now, it's progress. 
I think I've worn it this way almost every day for the past two(ish) weeks, at least for a portion of the day. Since most of my runs happen at night I've been washing my hair, putting some Sebastian Potion No. 9 in, pulling it up into a high pony-bun and going to bed with it damp/wet. The next morning I either leave it up, which is not only easy for summer, it's cooler, or I add a few curls with my curling iron if I decide to *fix it* and wear it down.

I haven't used my blow drier, except to just blow dry my bangs, for almost three weeks. THAT's a game changer!

*To make more of a bun look I fake it by tucking a few strands down along the very top/front with a bobby pin, of course the messier it looks the better, I think.

THIS is the end of this and THAT.

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  1. You are killing those runs! So proud! I have yet to run more than 3 miles at a time, still. Must change that.

    I just read And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini and it was so good. A bit meandering at times, but I just love the way he writes.


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