VBS 2013: The Armor of God

Last week our church hosted a wonderful VBS based on Ephesians 6: 10-17, the armor of God. There was a great turnout and all the kids not only had a fun week, they learned a lot too.
Every morning started with singing and then our youth minister and several talented teens would act out a skit. They did a fabulous job and more importantly the kids really seemed to *get it*. The teens were knights in search of the Kingdom of Eternia but didn't know how to go about finding it on their own, enter the helpful Villager who equipped them with tools (each day's pieces of armor) that would help them on their journey. One of the would-be-knights, Rooster, was too proud to ever take what the Villager offered and preferred to go it alone in his own way. 
Along each day's journey they would encounter Scammer (aka The Devil) who was always trying to deceive them. Thankfully the armor they received from the Villager each day helped them avoid Scammer's tricks and schemes!
The Breastplate of Righteousness, the Sandals of Readiness (and Peace), the Belt of Truth. the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit protected them and allowed them to fight Scammer.
On the last day they arrived at the Kingdom of Eternia and met the King, who they realized had been the Villager helping them along their journey. He gave them each a Helmet of Salvation and they were able to enter the Kingdom. (!!) In an incredibly powerful moment, Rooster, injured and humbled, came hobbling up to confess he'd been wrong to deny the Villager's help. The King forgave him, gave him his full armor and allowed him to enter the Kingdom as well. It was so moving!
The kids, ranging from toddlers through fifth grade rotated through lessons, crafts, PE and snack each day.
Annelise was highly excited to be with The Big Kids (3rd - 5th) with Mr. Ralph upstairs. He had lots of challenges for them but lots of fun application lessons as well.
They even had a *war* one day where they wadded up and threw papers that had the Devil's lies written on them. So cool!
The PE rotation was a new addition to our VBS this year and if was a huge hit! They definitely needed time to run and burn up some energy playing lots of fun, organized games.
At the end of the last day they got to dress in all of their armor and there was a procession into the auditorium (the teen actors held their swords up for them to walk under, they all thought this was so cool).
This was Annelise's class.
This was the whole group (we had about 125 kids every day, several visitors returned from last year's VBS and there were several new visitors as well).
Thursday night there was an open house and the kids were invited to bring their parents back with them for a short performance, a slideshow, singing and tons of fun activities and of course, food.

I helped with the photo booth, which was a new addition this year as well. The teen actors signed t-shirts and posed for photos with the kids, it was a HIT!
Of course The Girls and I HAD to pose for a photo too.
Kim was one of the VBS team honchos (whew!), Heather taught the toddlers (whew!), Robyn taught application lessons to 4s - 2nd (whew!) and I helped with photography (I had it easy!).

VBS this year was incredible (seriously). I can't to see what next summer brings!

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  1. Looks like a ton of hard work, love, and prayer went into the week! What a great turnout and lots of fantastic memories. The stage and all the costumes are awesome.

    1. Thanks Anna! So many people worked very, very hard on every part of VBS--we're lucky to have lots of talented and willing workers.:)

  2. Wow, this looks like a seriously impressive and elaborate VBS! I'm sure the kids ended up having a much better understanding of what it means to wear the armor of God. Very cool!

    1. Thanks Jill! I think the kids, even the little ones *got it*, which is what we were hoping for. :)

  3. Hi,

    The Last 2 pics, I like the most.


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