What I Wore Wednesday

This week is all about stonewashed (some might say acid washed) (either way it screams 1987, but in a good way) denim, maxi dresses, mixed gold and wedges.

Given my druthers (whatever druthers are), this is the type of outfit I'm most comfortable in.

Pulled together yet comfy, casual yet still a tad dressy.


I wore this to church, cajoled Scott into taking photos as we walked into BJs for lunch and opted to wear it to the movies later that afternoon (my people changed) (we saw Monsters University, just FYI) because it was so comfortable.
grey maxi dress: target
acid denim jacket: kut from the cloth, nordstorm (it's on sale y'all!)
kimberly necklace: stella & dot (I'm obsessed with the necklace!)
earrings & bracelet stack: twisted silver
watch: michael kors
cross body bag: nordstrom
wedges: yellow box
One thing I've started to do recently with my denim shirts (really any long sleeve shirt, I just don't wear a lot of them because I might faint from heatstroke) and jackets is to cuff them like the J Crew stylists do and I like this look a lot better than the basic way of rolling up the sleeves. Just pull the cuff midway up your arm then roll the remaining (inside) sleeve up, that way the edges of the cuff stick out a bit and add a bit of interest. Or something. I don't know, it just looks better.

Check out how Shaeffer of Pinterest Told Me To explains sleeve rolling, that's where I learned this valuable fashion tidbit. And how I realized I could not live without my new acid denim jacket and many, many other fashion-y things lately (love her blog, but it's dangerous to your credit card, consider yourself warned).

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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  1. I definitely saw the JCrew cuff link on PInterest the other day and gave it a try.

    Really love this outfit...maxis are my go tos for the summer. And I really want to see Monsters University. We saw Despicable Me 2 and loved it!

    1. Thanks Ashley! That cuff link tutorial really changed the look of my sleeves--I never would have thought to roll them that way.

      Maxis are my fave too.

      Our daughter really wants to see Despicable Me 2 too.

  2. Love this casual but stylish summer look! We saw Monsters U last week too. Cute!

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday! www.themummychronicles.com

  3. OMGosh! I bought that same exact dress to take on Vacation (Cruise). But I ended up not wearing it, and returned it because I had already spent too much on clothes to take with me on this vacation. Seeing it on you makes me regret that I did. SOOOO cute! Looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! I think the basic grey has a lot of potential for different looks/colors. Sorry it didn't work out for you--but hey--a CRUISE--fun!!

  4. LOVE that maxi on you and that denim jacket tops off the whole look! You are gorgeous!

  5. Hi Holly! Love, love, love this outfit (especially the maxi dress and rockin' denim jacket)! It is very modern with a casual twist. You nailed it! Take Care, Carla from California

    1. Thanks so much Carla! I'm loving that denim jacket too--maybe a little too much!

  6. I love maxis all year long! Love this gray one with the jean jacket. If you get a chance, please link up to What We Wore Party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/07/what-we-wore-5.html

    1. Thanks Rita! Here in Texas we can wear maxi dresses or skirts most of the year just by adding or taking off layers, that makes me happy!


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