Five for Friday

01.) In typical ADHDFitness Fashion I abruptly stopped running this week and started something new.
Y'all know I'm a loyal Beachbody fan and (mostly) faithful home workout devotee (when I'm not obsessed with racking up miles for monthly IG running challenges).

We ordered Shaun T.'s new program, Focus T25 in mid-July and it sat on our counter for several weeks.

I know.

I finally started this week (hence the no running) and really like it so far. Each workout is different, varying, yet intense, mixes of cardio, intervals and strength, and most importantly, they're only 25 minutes. 

This week consisted of cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuit, ab intervals and then today was double up day with lower body focus AND cardio.

I like it.  A lot.

My calves though have been mooing.

02.) I tried to read while Annelise was at Jazz yesterday.

As if.

I despise the dance waiting room and all the talky talky.
This week I enjoyed reading the first two Spellman Files books by Lisa Lutz. They're a crazy mix of PI mysteries with dysfunctional family issues and lots of wisecracking and humor. Light reading for sure, but still fun. Now I'm reading A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams, which is a layered beachy type read.

03.) Two words: Camo Toms.

(See above.)

(I die.)

04.) Annelise had a great second week of school. She seems to be settling into her new school, getting used to the new routine and making new friends. She's happy. I'm happy.

We had a parent orientation night Tuesday and got to learn more about the school and then spend time in her class with her teacher. We were duly impressed with both.

Fourth grade is going to be challenging but oh so good.
Annelise said her Red Star memory verse (they're required to memorize one passage of scripture each month) (this month was Colossians 1:10-17) today and was thrilled to *earn* her Skittles. Earlier this week she witnessed a fellow student receive his prize and that was all she needed to light the fire under her.

Candy is her love language.


05.) We have no major plans for this long Labor Day weekend, which is exactly the way I like it, except major chilling and helping Annelise with make-up school work (she's going to miss a few days of school and has to turn in her work beforehand). Whee.

Happy long weekend, y'all!

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What I Wore Wednesday

Two looks for this week's What I Wore Wednesday.

Two looks that are basically the same.

Except not.

The thing is, once I find a basic style I like I tend to wear it often with only a few tweaks here and there.

I love the look of skinny jeans with blousy shirts or layers (in the fall), but I've always had a hard time finding a pair of skinny jeans that don't stretch out and bag around my bottom and knees after approximately 30 minutes. I have one pair from Banana Republic that I've had for years and every other pair (that's right Target and Old Navy, I'm talking about y'all) have gone on to be Goodwill's problem.

Then, thanks to Shaeffer at Pinterest Told Me To, I discovered Vigoss jeans.

And the angels sang.

They are stretchy but don't sag and bag. They can be worn cuffed or straight with flats, boots or heels. They are very reasonably priced. They are cute and comfortable. They have flattering stitching and distressing. 

It's like I had to order them.

Here is the *clean* (meaning a little distressed with whiskering but no holes) version first, which I wore yesterday.
Vigoss jeans: Nordstrom
Pleione blouse: Nordtsrom (another one of Shaefer's must haves) (snagged it during their anniversary sale)
Leopard belt: Target
Nude flats: Payless
Kimberly necklace: Stella and Dot

Here's the more distressed version of the jeans which I wore a few weeks ago:
Orange blouse: LOFT
Green belt: J. Crew Factory
Green earrings: Stella and Dot
Nude wedges: Kork-Ease (the most comfortable shoe EVER), Zappos
Watch: Michael Kors

I almost didn't give these jeans a whirl because they are juniors and are a skinnier fit than I usually wear. Maybe a 44 year old mom shouldn't wear skinny jeans, especially someone who actually has, you know, legs, hips and a butt. But I am. At least sometimes.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
pleated poppy

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Yesterday after church we went to lunch with friends, as we do from time to time, and while not an insanely large group, we did have around 10 people (adults and kids). Being as objective as I can, given that I was one of the group, I can honestly say that our kids were very well behaved, everyone was polite and non-demanding of the waitress, and it was not until the very last few minutes of our lunch that we might have gotten a bit loud.

Yes, there was some laughter.
By the girls.
The adult girls.


It might have been loud.
But it was right before we stood up to leave and honestly our entire lunch was NOT that loud (pinky swear).

As we walked by another table on our way out, one of the ladies (and I use that term loosely) made a point of saying, very loudly, like almost shouting it, to her friend something to the effect of our being loud and obnoxious right as we passed.

We were shocked.

I mean, sure, we  had laughed loudly for a minute or two, but it wasn't like the whole restaurant had been disturbed by us for the duration of our lunch, plus this particular restaurant is always loud in general.


I wish I had had a clever comeback right then, but like George Costanza I had nothing until I got home.
I wish I could have said, "I'm sorry if our laughter was too loud, but we enjoy each other's company and laugh a lot together. Do you? Ever? I'd rather have been unintentionally loud and obnoxious for a brief moment than to be intentionally RUDE like you."

And then I'd have my Tootsie moment where Dorothy Michaels says, "Good day...I said Good day, sir!" and flounces off in a huff of polyester.

(Have I told y'all I love Tootsie?)

It's like when that lady kicked my heels repeatedly as we walked out of Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom because I had bumped into her daughter. Another wrong, especially juvenile retaliation, never cancels out the first wrong and only makes you look small (I apologized profusely for bumping into her daughter, although it was a little after the fact, but she just kicked me, got in my face and then stormed off).


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Five for Friday

01.) Well, we survived the first week of school. And I say we because while Annelise bears the majority of the involvement, it also affects me what with actually cooking breakfasts and packing lunches again before coffee and scurrying out the door in a timely (read: early because we have a longer drive, and we all know early is not my strong suit) manner, which after three months off my skills have grown a bit rusty.
Annelise started this year at a new school, one which does not require uniforms. I was initially crushed to hear this, because let's face it, uniforms are just easier, freedom of expression can take a hike.

But no. We (and I say we because I have a strong say in what she wears) now have to assemble *outfits* each morning. Annelise isn't totally into fashion trends, she (thankfully) is pretty basic and casual with shorts (mid-thigh), some type of shirt and Nikes, but she has been paying close attention to what other girls in her class are wearing. She's already commented that she's the only girl in her class who wears tennis shoes every day and that there are at least four girls with Vera Bradley backpacks--and matching lunch kits--in her class. So, we'll have to see how being exposed to *fashionistas* effects her this year.

02.) A new stash of duct tape = a thrilled nine year old.
We popped into Walgreens to pick up some photos and couldn't resist their 2 for $6 special (the large rolls), plus I have a well known weakness for owls. 

I can always tell where Annelise is from the rippp of duct tape. It's her thing right now.

03.) New stash of library happiness:
I'm totally infatuated with Vivian Maier  (in a nutshell, she was an eccentric nanny in the 50s and 60s with a hobby of photography, but her work wasn't discovered until after her death, her photos are amazing!) and had been waiting months for this book of her street photography. Love!

04.) Earlier this week Annelise and I celebrated the last day of summer with a little breakfast date.
Grand Slams for two, please.

Later, on our way home from Meet the Teacher, we stopped for snow cones.
As you do.
Mine was Pink Flamingo (coconut & nectar) and hers was Pink Lemonade.

05.) Did you hear that The Civil Wars new album was released? It was, it was.

And it does not disappoint.
(My playlist has both of their albums, their first album was called Barton Hollow.)

05a.) I've struggled with my running this week.

As in I've only run twice.

Didn't I say this same thing last week?
Five miles last Saturday evening, Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme twice and then four miles this morning (I'm currently at 36/ #55milesinaugust) sums up my exercise this week.

Which is better than nothing. I'd like to get my runs or workouts done before school but Annelise has wanted me to walk her into class all this week, which is totally A-OK with me, but that means I have to be basically presentable and not junk yard dog stinky, so today was the first morning I managed to 1.) get up early enough, 2.) run and C.) get showered and somewhat ready (little bit of my face on but hair still wet, superwoman I am not) by 7:40. I'm hoping I'll get back in the groove next week.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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On the First Day of Fourth Grade

After a summer of slothdom the time finally came to pay the piper yesterday.

Whatever that means.

Someone had to get up at 6:30 in the A to the M. And someone else, possibly the first someone's mother, had to get up earlier than that.


Anyway, here's a little peek at Annelise's first day as a fourth grader.
(Pardon the blur, the sun isn't quite up this early.)
We screeched into the parking lot with 15 minutes to spare.

It's all downhill from here.
All too soon it was time to leave, at least that's how I interpreted Annelise's "that's enough picture taking mom" face along with the fact that Mrs. Beaty shut the door.


I found myself strangely choked up, which if you know me you're all like, "What?", but I guess all the changes and all the *new* finally got to me, new school, new grade, 19 new friends...it was all a little much.

But. I held it together.

I'm pretty sure God has got this.
At the end of the day Annelise gave fourth grade two enthusiastic thumbs up.

My mama heart was full. And quite happy.

We celebrated later with Annelise's favorite supper, salsa pork chops, green beans and homemade (okay, semi-homemade) blondies and enjoyed hearing all the day's scoop.

Fourth grade, you're going to be pretty sweet.

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Five for Friday

01.) This girl. My heart.
I can't wrap my head, or my heart, around the fact she starts fourth grade (!!) next week (Tuesday, to be exact) and then will have the nerve to turn ten (double digits--what?!) a couple of weeks later.

We ran a few errands (dropping off tuition, post office, hair cut (her) (just a trim), bank and dance studio for new taps (ugh!) yesterday afternoon then chilled out and watched an episode of Chopped (we are officially hooked! How did we only recently discover this fun show?) before hitting the town again later while Scott did his fantasy football draft (one of the two teams he'll be managing (?) (playing?) (juggling?), and hitting the town (this time) is code for going out to eat Tex-Mex for supper.

02.) I got my fourth Stitch Fix box full of goodies this week. Have I ever told y'all about this? No?
It's a fun styling service that ships 5 items of clothing and/or accessories picked out just for you right to your door for only $20.  You fill out an online style profile of things you like, your general style (preppy, boho, classic, et cetera) and your measurements. Once you get your Fix you try things on in the comfort of your own home, keep what you like and return what you don't in the enclosed pre-paid shipping envelope. There are pictures attached to each item to give you a couple of ways to wear it. Your $20 styling fee is deducted from whatever you decide to purchase, if you purchase all 5 items you also get 25% off your order. You also build up future credit if friends join with your referral link (check it out here).

I've never kept all 5 items but have kept at least one thing each month from an orange striped boxy sweater, a fun black and white striped drapey cardigan, a basic white knit blouse but with a a cowl neckline and a statement necklace (love!). This month's Fix had a two-toned green bubble necklace (liked it but not enough to buy), a white short sleeve open cardigan (liked it but too thin and wrinkly), an orange loose knit sweater (liked it, but not enough) a denim shirt (already have too many) and a neutral beige loose  tank with pleats and lace details. 

I don't usually wear sleeveless tops but I fell in love with that pleated tank. It's very boho casual and fun!

So if you hate shopping but love clothes and accessories just the same, I highly recommend checking out StitchFix. com!

03.) I've struggled a little with my running this week.
As in I've only run twice this week.

I always feel better once I'm done, not just physically but also emotionally (like a switch has been flipped), but for some reason it's been a challenge to get myself out there.
No, I'm not mad in these photos, just extremely sweaty and probably junk yard dog stinky too.

But, I'm currently at 27 miles for #55milesinaugust so I guess it's all good.

04.) In related news, I've finally lost the most of the poundage I gained after our Disney Cruise and Parks vacation, the holidays and general life as a 44 year old woman that wasn't exercising regularly and eating lots of junk. I'm still using My Fitness Pal and tracking my calories and exercise, I really like having that accountability. I'm not super strict and definitely have really good days and really bad days.

I guess that the combination of regular running (these monthly IG challenges are really working for me it seems I do need goals after all) and slightly better food choices more consistently is finally paying off--however--I do worry that I'll reach a plateau if I just stick with running and don't mix things up with some strength and different cardio. Today I ran three miles and then did a round of ChaLEAN Extreme Burn, which felt good.

05.) I don't have a five. I just don't. I've got bubkes.

You're welcome.

Happy weekend, y'all!

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Boston 2013: Day Four

We started our last day in Boston with a ride on the Swan Boats in the Public Garden. The morning was already haaawwt but we enjoyed a relaxing ride and the lovely gardens.
Then we made way for ducklings (statues for Robert McCloskey's classic children's book).
We popped by Cheers for a picture but didn't go inside.
Then we walked back over to Boston Common to start our walk along the Freedom Trail.
Feetsies don't fail us now!
Starting with the Massachusetts State House

(We didn't go inside any of the buildings. I know. Slap us. Everywhere we went Saturday was beyond crowded which zapped the desire of touring the insides of places smack out of us.)
Park Street Church

Then we walked around Granary Burial Ground.
John Hancock's grave (although there it's questionable his remains are there after grave robbers and other shenanigans.)
Old City Hall
Old South Meeting House
(Where colonists were urged into a frenzy by Samuel Adams to go dump lots of tea into the water.)

Old State House
(The site of the Boston Massacre in 1770.)
Not only was Boston crazy crowded Saturday, there was also some sort of race called Challenge Nation where TONS of teams in crazy costumes ran to different historical sights throughout the city and then took a photo. No, not annoying at all.
Faneuil Hall
Replete with a silver statue lady that came to life when you dropped money into her basket.

Clever, oh so clever.
She gave Annelise some candy.

We did go inside Faneuil Hall but could hardly make our way through ALL herds of the people, so we hardly saw anything. Although we did use their restrooms downstairs. As you do.

We ate lunch behind Faneuil Hall in the Quincy Market area at a place called Durgin Park, which turned out to be not only a wonderful respite from the HEAT and CROWDS but had traditional *yankee* yummy food.
We shared Boston Creme Pie, well Scott and I did, Annelise ixnayed it. We liked it but I thought it was like a bland tiramasu (not bad, just rather bland).

Our batteries recharged, we ventured back down to the North End and through Little Italy to see Paul Revere's house.
I loved all the cobblestone streets in and around Little Italy.
Old North Church
This view from the bridge was as close as we got to the Bunker Hill memorial. Sorrynotsorry but we just couldn't walk any farther. 

Then we began the Trail of Tears down to the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Or possibly the Bataan Death March.

Have I mentioned it was hot-hottity-HOT?

We were all sweaty crabapples but hard-headedly determined to make it to the end of this doggone historical sightseeing torture otherwise known as walking the Freedom Trail in July.
Once we turned the corner into the Navy Yard our hopes of touring the U.S. Constitution (Old Ironsides) were dashed (okay, they weren't that strong to begin with, but still) when we saw the looong line of more committed tourists waiting to go on board.

We decided to admire her from a distance instead.
We did tour the museum there which turned out to be VERY good with lots of interactive exhibits for adults and kids.

Plus there was AIR CONDITIONING.

As we stumbled off the bridge and into the harbor area, we saw several people (yes, mostly much older than us) climbing into taxis to get back into Boston--and strongly considered it to be a wonderful investment. We ended up feeling rejuvenated after the AC museum break so decided to suck it up and walk.

Plus how embarrassing would it be to pull up in a taxi in front of Mike's Pastry?

Which of course we (I) had to stop by there one more time before leaving Boston (Annelise had ice cream).

Dear  Mike's Pastry,

I still dream of you.
Specifically of your cannoli.


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