Boston 2013: Day One

We didn't have huge plans for our first day in Boston since we knew most of the day would be taken up with flying. Once our plane landed, an hour later than scheduled because of a broken seat (arrgh!), our bags were the first ones off the carousel (yay!) and we made a beeline for a cab. Of course we discovered later that we could have taken the T (subway) for significantly cheaper, but stand by our decision to cab it because after being in travel mode since 4:00 am we really wanted to check into our hotel as quickly as possible.
Through Hotwire.com we got a pretty good deal on a hotel in the Back Bay/Copley Square area of Boston which worked out really well because there was a T station right outside the doors and lots of restaurants nearby.

We had hoped to get settled in time in order to fit in a Duck Tour that evening so the whole day wouldn't be *wasted*. We scurried over to the ticket stand, conveniently located across from our hotel inside the Prudential Center, and were able to get tickets for the 6:30 tour. Whew! And yay!

I know it's probably gimmicky and very touristy, but taking an organized tour whether on a trolley or amphibious assault vehicle, is a great way to get an over view of the city you're visiting and can help you decide what you'd like to go back and visit later. We chose the Duck Tour because it was only an 1.5 hour commitment and not all day hop on/off and because we thought *driving* into the Charles River sounded like fun.
(This wasn't our bus/boat, ours was turquoise and named Fenway Fanny.)
These Duck Tours are crazy popular, there was still a crowd waiting late in the evening. We abstained from buying the $4 duck caller/whistle though, much to Annelise's dismay.
Our driver was Ace and he did a great job showing us the major sights, mixing in lots of history and jokes, so it was fun. I didn't take a lot of photos because we were always moving and my view was often blocked on the bus.

But look, there's the top of Trinity Church!
In the middle of the tour we splashed into the Charles River and took a relaxing cruise.
Ace even let Annelise drive the boat.

She thought it was pretty cool, even though she might not admit it.
After the tour we made a beeline to get something to eat because we hadn't had a real meal other than nuts and chips and the random granola bar during our flights. Normally we try to avoid chain restaurants when we travel but we spied a Max Brenner near our hotel and we couldn't resist.
It was wonderful to sit outside on their patio and eat and just chill.
Oh, and people watch.
As you do.

Sidenote: The finish line for the Boston Marathon was just a little ways down from Max Brenner.

And yes, we got their banana split waffles for dessert.
We shared.
As you do.

We stopped by Shaw's market ( I know!) to pick up bottled water and tweezers (What?) on our walk back to the hotel before totally crashing for the night.

Until tomorrow, Boston.


  1. Banana split waffles sound heavenly. I visited Boston twice pre-kids. I just finished up my online certificate from BU and the graduation is in January but I don't think we'll be able to swing it. This post makes me wish I could though.


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