Five for Friday

01.) Well, we survived the first week of school. And I say we because while Annelise bears the majority of the involvement, it also affects me what with actually cooking breakfasts and packing lunches again before coffee and scurrying out the door in a timely (read: early because we have a longer drive, and we all know early is not my strong suit) manner, which after three months off my skills have grown a bit rusty.
Annelise started this year at a new school, one which does not require uniforms. I was initially crushed to hear this, because let's face it, uniforms are just easier, freedom of expression can take a hike.

But no. We (and I say we because I have a strong say in what she wears) now have to assemble *outfits* each morning. Annelise isn't totally into fashion trends, she (thankfully) is pretty basic and casual with shorts (mid-thigh), some type of shirt and Nikes, but she has been paying close attention to what other girls in her class are wearing. She's already commented that she's the only girl in her class who wears tennis shoes every day and that there are at least four girls with Vera Bradley backpacks--and matching lunch kits--in her class. So, we'll have to see how being exposed to *fashionistas* effects her this year.

02.) A new stash of duct tape = a thrilled nine year old.
We popped into Walgreens to pick up some photos and couldn't resist their 2 for $6 special (the large rolls), plus I have a well known weakness for owls. 

I can always tell where Annelise is from the rippp of duct tape. It's her thing right now.

03.) New stash of library happiness:
I'm totally infatuated with Vivian Maier  (in a nutshell, she was an eccentric nanny in the 50s and 60s with a hobby of photography, but her work wasn't discovered until after her death, her photos are amazing!) and had been waiting months for this book of her street photography. Love!

04.) Earlier this week Annelise and I celebrated the last day of summer with a little breakfast date.
Grand Slams for two, please.

Later, on our way home from Meet the Teacher, we stopped for snow cones.
As you do.
Mine was Pink Flamingo (coconut & nectar) and hers was Pink Lemonade.

05.) Did you hear that The Civil Wars new album was released? It was, it was.

And it does not disappoint.
(My playlist has both of their albums, their first album was called Barton Hollow.)

05a.) I've struggled with my running this week.

As in I've only run twice.

Didn't I say this same thing last week?
Five miles last Saturday evening, Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme twice and then four miles this morning (I'm currently at 36/ #55milesinaugust) sums up my exercise this week.

Which is better than nothing. I'd like to get my runs or workouts done before school but Annelise has wanted me to walk her into class all this week, which is totally A-OK with me, but that means I have to be basically presentable and not junk yard dog stinky, so today was the first morning I managed to 1.) get up early enough, 2.) run and C.) get showered and somewhat ready (little bit of my face on but hair still wet, superwoman I am not) by 7:40. I'm hoping I'll get back in the groove next week.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. Ha when Luci moved to Episcopal school in 5th grade she informed me "everyone" had matching Vera Bradley everything! We don't wear uniforms either although the dress code for 6th grade and up is pretty strict.

    Why did you switch schools? The switch has been life changing for Luci (this is her 3rd year there) but for Griffin, not so much. I don't know where we will put him for high school.


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