We stumbled in from the airport somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00 last night.

Or this morning. Whichever.

And huge props to may dad by the way for picking us up in the wee hours of the night. Or this morning. Whichever.

Oh, did I forget to tell y'all we were going on a little vacation? Sorry. I guess I had some weird rationalization in my head about not blogging about being away from home for a week here on the blog--even though we have two security guard kitties (Sadie was cooped up at the kennel, poor thing)--yet I posted pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I can't explain it.

We had a wonderful week in Boston and Maine.

But I am SO thrilled to be home. Like geekily giddy.

I enjoy traveling, I do, but while it's fun, and, you know, jam packed with fun memory making moments, it can also be filled with drama and stress. Maybe if I travelled more I'd be more seasoned and living out of a suitcase and being on-the-go-go-go wouldn't be my undoing.

Or maybe I'm just an introverted homebody.

Of course I'll be posting about our trip, probably ad nauseam, so brace yourselves, but for today I'm just teasing y'all with the first and last pictures, both from my phone (I took my big camera as a carry on too, which was the subject of another debate I had with myself while packing and I'm glad I did even though it's a bit of a clunkster).
We flew Southwest, which turned out to be AirTran for the first leg of our trip, and had to fly to Orlando first before flying north to Boston. Because that makes sense. We had a bit of a layover (ugh!) so I used my time wisely to people watch.

Yes, that's a thing.

Not only do I highly enjoy observing all manner of humans at the airport (and elsewhere of course), from what they're wearing (or not wearing as the case may be), to what they're carrying and how they're interacting with their people and creating little stories about them in my head.

I wore my red Toms not only for cuteness and slip on and off ease, but so I'd have a bit of coverage from those little hose socklets on those nasty airport floors as I went through security.

I took a quick selfie yesterday as we were leaving Rockland after lunch on the way to the airport in Portland.

No matter where you looked in Maine there was always something beautiful (well, I'm sure there are exceptions, but on the whole this pretty much proved to be true) from the stunning seaside views, the quaint towns, the mountains, the trees and flowers...I don't think you'd ever get tired of your surroundings.
And? I was totally pushing Day 4 hair.

I washed my hair the night before we left for Boston and then the night before we left for Maine, and that's it. Is that gross? Well, sorrynotsorry because dry shampoo was a total a life saver for this trip, it saved me tons of time, absorbed any icky oil and gave my waves some texture. I alternated wearing my hair down with loose waves or in a messy pony or bun because it's nice to have options.

Also? I've decided I'm not casual-preppy nor L.L.Bean rugged enough for the northeast. I mean, I'm all big hair, lots of make-up, bling-y flip-flops and statement jewelry and a weird mix of edgy-trendy-classic-comfy clothes.

But that's okay.

I'm home now.

(Happy sigh.)

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