On the First Day of Fourth Grade

After a summer of slothdom the time finally came to pay the piper yesterday.

Whatever that means.

Someone had to get up at 6:30 in the A to the M. And someone else, possibly the first someone's mother, had to get up earlier than that.


Anyway, here's a little peek at Annelise's first day as a fourth grader.
(Pardon the blur, the sun isn't quite up this early.)
We screeched into the parking lot with 15 minutes to spare.

It's all downhill from here.
All too soon it was time to leave, at least that's how I interpreted Annelise's "that's enough picture taking mom" face along with the fact that Mrs. Beaty shut the door.


I found myself strangely choked up, which if you know me you're all like, "What?", but I guess all the changes and all the *new* finally got to me, new school, new grade, 19 new friends...it was all a little much.

But. I held it together.

I'm pretty sure God has got this.
At the end of the day Annelise gave fourth grade two enthusiastic thumbs up.

My mama heart was full. And quite happy.

We celebrated later with Annelise's favorite supper, salsa pork chops, green beans and homemade (okay, semi-homemade) blondies and enjoyed hearing all the day's scoop.

Fourth grade, you're going to be pretty sweet.

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  1. Yay for a great first day at a new school! Hope Day #2 was just as sweet.

    1. Thanks Anna! She's been having a good week so far--of course the *real* school stuff hasn't started yet. :)

  2. Cute pictures, you captured the first day so well. I kind of can't believe she's in 4th grade!!

    1. Thanks Jill, the morning went by so fast--I'm thankful I got the pictures I did but of course wish I could've gotten more. She was a little resistant and I was obviously torturing her with what I did *force* her to take. I kept asking her to pose with her teacher but she was already sitting at her desk (A.) and thought it would be too much of a *scene* to get up again. Sigh.

  3. Love this Holly! Our sweet girls are growing too fast!

    1. Thank you Robyn! I can't believe how fast time is really flying--it seems to hit me all at once, especially when I look back at old pictures or blog posts. If only we could slow it down!

  4. My 4th grader wouldn't even let me out the car this year to walk him in! I wanted to go in and get some pics but he overruled that!

    1. Oh no! I wish he would've let you--maybe on another day? Mama's deserve that!! :)


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