Yesterday after church we went to lunch with friends, as we do from time to time, and while not an insanely large group, we did have around 10 people (adults and kids). Being as objective as I can, given that I was one of the group, I can honestly say that our kids were very well behaved, everyone was polite and non-demanding of the waitress, and it was not until the very last few minutes of our lunch that we might have gotten a bit loud.

Yes, there was some laughter.
By the girls.
The adult girls.


It might have been loud.
But it was right before we stood up to leave and honestly our entire lunch was NOT that loud (pinky swear).

As we walked by another table on our way out, one of the ladies (and I use that term loosely) made a point of saying, very loudly, like almost shouting it, to her friend something to the effect of our being loud and obnoxious right as we passed.

We were shocked.

I mean, sure, we  had laughed loudly for a minute or two, but it wasn't like the whole restaurant had been disturbed by us for the duration of our lunch, plus this particular restaurant is always loud in general.


I wish I had had a clever comeback right then, but like George Costanza I had nothing until I got home.
I wish I could have said, "I'm sorry if our laughter was too loud, but we enjoy each other's company and laugh a lot together. Do you? Ever? I'd rather have been unintentionally loud and obnoxious for a brief moment than to be intentionally RUDE like you."

And then I'd have my Tootsie moment where Dorothy Michaels says, "Good day...I said Good day, sir!" and flounces off in a huff of polyester.

(Have I told y'all I love Tootsie?)

It's like when that lady kicked my heels repeatedly as we walked out of Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom because I had bumped into her daughter. Another wrong, especially juvenile retaliation, never cancels out the first wrong and only makes you look small (I apologized profusely for bumping into her daughter, although it was a little after the fact, but she just kicked me, got in my face and then stormed off).


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