This & That on Tuesday

Now that we are home from vacation (and speaking of, I've uploaded my photos so brace yourselves for lots of Boston and Maine posts coming soon to a computer near you, I know, it must be so hard to contain your excitement) THIS has been happening again.
THAT's been feeling pretty awesome, besides the sweat and mosquitos of course.
THIS squinty red faced sweat puddle was me this morning after finishing four miles.
THAT brought me up to 11 miles for #55milesinaugust so far. I felt a little like the Princess (Runner) and the Pea (Gravel) for a good portion of my run due to a small rock in my shoe but I didn't want to take the time to take my shoe off, so I just kept shaking and wiggling my foot (it eventually worked itself out).

THIS burger date happened on Saturday.
And, yes, THAT's my burger with Fritos peeking out (it's the Bean Burger from Tookies for you locals).

THIS bible class lesson Sunday turned out to be lots of fun for the four year olds.
THAT may or may not be due to the fact they got to collect manna, which looked suspiciously like Honeycomb cereal, and eat quail, which may or may not have been Chick-Fil-A nuggets.

THIS video completely changed my mind about Robin Thicke's song Blurred Lines, which since I'm so cool I didn't even know about until last week when we saw him sing on the Today Show.
THAT also happened to me last year when I saw Jimmy sing Call Me Maybe with Carly Rae Jepson. What is it about elementary school musical instruments that completely make a *hit* song more appealing to me? And? Is Robin Thicke Alan Growing Pain's Thicke's son? Weird.

Okay, I adore Mumford & Sons to pieces, like it's a far-fetched dream of mine to see them in concert someday AND I adore Jason Bateman to pieces, so THIS video made me happy (except for a bromance moment near the end) (plus Andy from The Office is in it too).
Have I told y'all my undying affection for all things Arrested Development? I think I may have scared Annelise in Target before our trip when I found a Bluth Banana Stand t-shirt in the men's department. I cut that bad boy up and wore it our last day in Boston once the weather warmed up again.

THIS video has some of the best running absurdities from AD, which I may be heard to quote (like Seinfeld) from time to time. Unfortunately, they usually fall flat because Scott hasn't watched the whole series like I have (although I haven't caught up on the new episodes, is it just me or is it really weird to see the Bluths ten years later? I'm finding it difficult to get into them, like the magic might be gone).

(You might skip over most of Tobias near the end, it's, um...pretty off, off color with the innuendos.)

And THAT brings me to the end.

Watch out for hop-ons.

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  1. So, this is probably going to sound pretty weird coming from a total stranger, but I have 2 tickets to the Mumford & Sons concert in the Woodlands Sept. 17th that I am trying to get rid of. The concert was supposed to be in June, but it was rescheduled. I live 2 hours away, so that doesn't really work for me on a school night. (I'm a teacher) They're lawn seats. I paid $82 each (They're $109 online now! Yikes!). I'd love to get my money back on them. If you would like them, I would gladly mail them to you! I would love for someone to benefit from them.

    Here's my blog if you are wondering if I'm a weirdo or not! :) www.waysofthewilliams.blogspot.com If you'd like the tickets, you can email me at leslierector at gmail (dot) com I hope this is not to bizarre of me to do!

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.:-)
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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