Filler. Not To Be Confused With Thriller.


My brain feels all jumbly.

So I'm blogging to free up some mental space.

You know how it goes.

Consider yourself warned.

Actually I am all in a dither to tell y'all about our recent NYC adventure but am making this a filler slash placeholder type post due to the fact my last post was about our Maine trip which came at the tail end of our Boston trip.

And that makes us sound like some sort of jet-setting family and we are beyond not that at all. It's just my blogging sometimes collapses on top of itself due to my terrible procrastination and may give y'all the false impression that all we do is travel.

Um, nope.

And while I'm talking (at least marginally) about travel, I hope my IG stream wasn't too obnoxious last week. I really tried not to overgram and stick to a handful of posts a day--but y'all, that's HARD since there's so much to see and do in NYC and I wanted to share, share, SHARE all the goodness.

I always (well, mostly always) enjoy seeing people's vacation photos either on IG, Facebook or blogs because not only am I happy for them to be enjoying a trip, it gives me ideas for the future. But of course there are those moments the ol' green eyed monster rears her head, so I can see how social media can be both good and bad (usually depending on the mood of the person viewing).

Yesterday I uploaded my photos from my big camera (yes, I hauled that bad boy all around NYC, it would have been wrong not to) to my computer then transferred all 251 of them over to SmugMug (my online photo storage thingie), which ended up taking almost 4, maybe 5 hours. Is that normal? I have no idea.

Last week, before we left, our upstairs air conditioner and our DVR died. Annelise had to sleep on the couch for two nights which is right under a big air vent in our family room and therefore went to NYC on her tenth birthday with a big case of the sniffles.

I toted around Benadryl (thanks Duane Reade pharmacy!) in my camera bag for the duration of our trip, which helped little girlfriend soldier on.

Thankfully my dad was able to oversee the installation of a new AC unit while we were gone so everything was back to normal when we got home Sunday. That was a huge blessing to come home to a cool house!

As for the DVR, Dish Network sent a replacement but the fact that all our stored shows and movies bit the dust was a bitter pill to swallow. Goodbye Season 6 of Mad Men, When Harry Met Sally and Coal Miner's Daughter plus many others.

I know, I know, it's just TV.

Speaking of, I had another rude awakening the other day when I was all ready to watch the next to the last episode of season 2 of Felicity on streaming Netflix, secure in the knowledge I would find out what eventually happens to Felicity/Ben/Noel and friends over the course of their last two years at college (in NYC) (Seasons 3 and 4) at my leisure.

Netflix cancelled the streaming option for Felicity.

I've been robbed.

I know, I know, it's just TV.

It's still available on discs but I don't know if I'm committed enough to give up valuable snail mail queue space to Felicity.

I've been on a green smoothie binge since we returned home, you know, a detox of sorts. We fell victim to an infomercial recently and are now the proud owners of a NutriBullet (an oddly shaped but really fast blender). But we're using it, even Annelise, so that's good.

However I still haven't gotten back into my exercise routine. At least not yet. But I will. Eventually.

I guess that's enough filler for now.

I'll leave you with a bit of MJ since I mentioned it in my random title. Because, really, why not?
I'll be back soon with all the NYC lowdown. Stay tuned!

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  1. Maybe you'll be lucky to find someone who owns Felicity - I can't remember which season had an episode or two went all creative on us in b/w (yawn...I think I fast-forwarded those right away) but overall, I loved the series. I watched them while giving bottles at 3 a.m. so maybe that's part of the charm. But since you were just in NYC, you have to...

    Glad you had a nice trip! Can't wait to hear about it!


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