Maine 2013: In Photos

After our time in Boston (days 1, 2, 3, and 4) we took a train over to Maine.
(I'm a sucker for rhymes, please excuse me.)
(I naively expected a Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint train adventure a la North by Northwest, but alas, this Amtrak was nothing like that.)

We stayed a few days with Scott's Aunt Jerry in Tenant's Harbor. Scott's brother, Ron, was also there visiting, though he got to stay for almost two weeks. We enjoyed lazy mornings, large breakfasts, lazy afternoons on the deck, visits with the neighbor's menagerie of animals, various forms of seafood--mainly lobster, duh--countless cut throat rounds of Uno and plenty of downtime.

It was delightful.
(Lobster BLT? Yes, please.)
(Annelise was Uncle Ron's sous chef each morning, they treated us to an array blueberry pancakes, waffles and bacon and eggs. Spoiled is what we were.)
(The lighthouse from Forest Gump.)
(I'm still dreaming about those scallops.)
Until next time, Maine.

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  1. wow. that looks so wonderful. and that salad made my mouth water!! would love to try some fresh lobster, but do they have someone to crack it for you?!


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