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I did not plan on being all quiet on the western bloggy front for so long but one thing apparently led to another, one day bled into the next and there you have it.

The fall soccer season is getting back into full swing.

Annelise has moved up to the next age group, the 10-12 year olds, and is feeling a bit intimidated seeing as how the majority of her team is 11 or 12. Maybe it will end up being a good thing by making her push herself more, be aggressive and hone her skills. 
Saturday was their first game which they lost something like 5-2. But whatever.

Annelise took a ball to the face but was all NBD. She's tough, that girl of mine.

I do miss her former coach and am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that he will move up to the next age group (once his son turns 10) in the spring. Her current coach, while positive and encouraging, is more of a sideline yeller and that makes me cringe.

In other news, we have a new addition to our family.

Meet Snowball.

And we're starting to think it's Mister Snowball. If you know what I mean.
Two weeks ago I went away with The Girls (more on that to come) and came home with a rabbit.

As you do.

Annelise was beyond thrilled.
After an embarrassingly long hiatus (like since the spring) I finally started working on James (one of Beth Moore's studies) again. Last week I did my lessons right after taking Annelise to school and felt like my days went so much better.


Of course I haven't started the next week's lessons yet and we're meeting tomorrow to watch the video.

I really suck. Sometimes.
I'm also starting T25 again.

Yeah. That.

I did the first week, and LOVED it, before we went to New York and have been highly hit or miss, mostly miss, ever since.

But here's to getting back on track!
I recently wore booties with shorts, in an effort to embrace, albeit terribly late,  the cool trend and just ended up feeling weird.

Sassy, yes, but still weird.

I think I'll stick with jeans or skirts with my new ankle boots.
Dear Chick-Fil-A Asian salad,
You are my new favorite and I just can't quit you.
This is my favorite too.

How much do I love the fact she's not too big to hold her daddy's hand?

Yeah, that.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. I was thinking today I need to try the new CFA salads, so I'm going to order the Asian (and a large sweet tea). Thank you for not embracing the bootie + shorts combo. It looks good on NO ONE. Happy Oct 1!


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