New York 2013: Day Two

I can't bury the lead.

I have to straight up tell you that this was my favorite day in New York. Don't get me wrong, I adored each and every single one of them for different reasons, but this one particular day was practically perfect in every way.

We started with an insane breakfast here, which is inside the Le Parker Meridien hotel. It's not something you could do on a regular basis, not only because of expense and calories, but because then it wouldn't be so special.
Annelise ordered the blueberry pancakes, which were delicious, but she could only eat 1/4 of them because they took up almost the entire circumference of her plate. Scott got eggs and bacon and I ordered their light and healthy omelet (egg whites with sautéed veggies hidden inside) but added Swiss cheese on principle. They also had fresh squeezed orange juice and I had my own carafe of coffee, so we were quite happy little clams.

Oh Sweet Mary.

I'm still dreaming about that breakfast.

We had to pose for a selfie to document our morning. As you do.
Sidenote: Annelise got two early birthday gifts, a new Vera Bradley hipster in Cocoa Moss from Pappo and Grandma Peggy, which was PERFECT for our trip and sparkly silver Sperry topsiders from us (seen above).

After breakfast we roamed around 5th Avenue briefly. As you do.
(Of course we did it wrong by having breakfast before Tiffany's, oh well.)
The Plaza must be undergoing some sort of renovation because it was almost completely covered in a painted tarp.
Of course, we had to go to FAO Schwarz. How could we not?
Annelise had no earthly idea why we were so excited to *force* her to play on the Big Piano, although we tried to explain it was from a movie, she wasn't as impressed as we were. Someday she'll see Big and *get it*.
We had fun going throughout the whole store, thankfully it wasn't very crowded that morning. Annelise decided to buy a small stuffed animal, a red panda, immediately named Ripley, that supported the Central Park Zoo. It was a win win (plus he's really cute). You'll see him in almost all future photos, most likely stuffed under her arm.

Next up, culture.
Brace yourselves for an obnoxious amount of photos, I may have gone a wee bit overboard. Sometimes I can't help myself. I liked it all! (Mostly.) Also? These aren't all of them, I refrained from posting ones that showed body parts we don't normally see publicly, yet are referred to as art. You're welcome.

After touring the second level we decided to go all the way up to the top floor (6th) and work our way down. We didn't see everything on every floor, like the architecture (sorry), but still managed to see most everything else. At least I think so, and my feet agreed with me.
Annelise started out all gung-ho with her headphones and iPod audio thingie, but soon lost interest. Sigh.
Eventually, there was a lot of this. Even Ripley lost interest.
We all loved the gift shop, even though it was crowded. Annelise hoped they'd have duct tape, but alas, they did not.
All you need is love, love is all you need.
Of course, Annelise thinks she needs One Direction too.

Next up, a late lunch in Madison Square Park. I loved this area! The Flatiron is one of my favorites, I adore quirky things.
This was our first Shake Shack experience and we are now believers.
There are several locations around the city but the one in Madison Square is the original, I'm glad that was the one we went to. However, I wish we'd gotten the cheese sauce for our fries. We did get custard (their version of soft serve) after our burgers, which was the perfect ending to our afternoon in the park.

A few more gratuitous Flatiron shots before we left.
Since we still had plenty of time we decided to head over to Washington Square Park so I could have a When Harry Met Sally moment (I love that movie, and I adored Nora Ephron) (the arch is where Sally dropped Harry off after their drive across country and they told each other to have a nice life).
Annelise was entranced by a performer singing Maroon 5, so much so she coughed up a dollar to drop in her guitar case.

We bought waters and found a place in the shade to relax and get our people watch on. This was a GREAT park for that!
Later, we trudged through Times Square (gag!) to get back to our hotel to freshen up and rest a bit before heading out...
for this. 

This was my third time (and Scott's second, he's a good egg) to see Wicked, but it was Annelise's first and after listening to the music off and on over the past few years and knowing tidbits of the story she was beyond excited to finally see Elphaba and Glenda (the Ga is silent). 

I can't even tell you how thrilled I was to watch her watch the stage, see her face splitting grins, hear her laugh and *get it*.

This was the best night ever!

How could it get better? Well, cheesecake of course!
Junior's was probably the best cheesecake I've had, just the right amount of cheesiness to sweetness ratio (don't get me wrong, I love Cheesecake Factory, but sometimes they're over the top). Annelise abstained from cheesecake, as she is wont to do, and had an enormous chocolate chip cookie instead.

As we walked back to our hotel I noticed this on the street.
A perfect ending to a perfect New York day!

More stories and photos coming soon to a computer near you. Stay thirsty, my friends.

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  1. Ah, Wicked. LOVED IT! We saw it first in NY on our first visit and I couldn't believe it. I cried during Gravity (as I do every single time). We went to MOMA too, but then because we have a son and he and his dad are sports fans we spent too much time at the (no longer there) NHL store, outside a sports broadcasting building, Madison Square Garden (for a game) and Yankee Stadium (the *real* one, lol) for games (yes, plural! boys.) and a tour. I like the tour and went into the locker room, onto the field and out to the memorials. We didn't hit all the hot spots and I wish we could have, although in reality I was just excited to be there! We went three times and didn't even do 1/4 of the things we talked about in between trips. Oh well.
    I love your daughter's shoes and your colorful blouse - very cute!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shirt!!! it is so awesome!!

  3. What a great day! We passed by a Shake Shack in DC this week but I had no idea it was so good. Went to Austin Grill instead, which was pretty yummy and made me feel some Texas love at the same time. Your NY pics are getting me excited for our trip next year - going there for the first time to celebrate my SIL's and my 40th.

  4. Love Wicked! Have seen it twice (hubby went once and liked it) with my 18 year old daughter and we have made a pinky promise to see it every time it comes to Dallas, in the GOOD seats. Haven't been to New York yet, but have decided I need to do it with someone who has been there before so I hit the best spots!

  5. Love "going" on vacation with you! If I ever have the opportunity to leave my tiny little town and visit these places I know what spots to hit! enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for sharing!


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