That Time We Went To Mumford And Sons


I can't even.

Contrary to how it might vaguely seem (and really, it doesn't), Scott and I are not very cool. I mean, we have occasional moments of coolness, few and far between, but overall? Nope.

However, somewhere in the ballpark of three or four years ago I discovered (not literally) Mumford and Sons and fell madly in love with their folk slash rock slash I don't know music. Crazy talented. Is what they are.

I never in a million years thought I'd ever get to see them live in concert, because 01.) we never go to concerts because we aren't cool and b.) their shows are always sold out. Well. Last month a friendly blog reader commented that she and her husband had tickets to see M&S in The Woodlands and they wouldn't be able to go (the concert was originally scheduled for June but Ted, the bass player, had to have emergency brain surgery and had to recuperate, as one does, so it was rescheduled for September 17th) and would I like to buy the tickets?


Um, YES!

So that is how Scott and I came to find ourselves sitting on beach towels on a hill, sweating, among hundreds (thousands?) of others (mostly all younger and much more hipster-y than we) last night.
But the neither heat nor the the crowds could diminish my enthusiasm and general giddiness for getting to see Mumford and Sons live. Scott was excited too, but more in a curious way since he didn't know their songs like I did (he is now a believer, trust me). Annelise begged to go in his place (she loves them--we skip the two songs with the frog bomb, but not only was it a school night, we didn't think a ten year old--at least our ten year old-- belonged there (although there were two younger kids with their parents right beside us, so...hmmm.)

We actually had pretty good seats, I mean patches of grass, with a nice view of the left side of the stage without many obstructions. We briefly pondered renting chairs but decided to let our bottoms brave it.
There were two folk/rock opening acts, a band called Mystery Band (I think), they were good and then Johnny Flynn, which was also very good.
By the time Mumford and Sons hit the stage at 9:00 the Pavilion was packed (more than seen here) and we were ready.

From the opening song of Lover's Eyes (I actually got a little teary, what?) to the encore of The Cave these guys played their hands off and sang their hearts out. Their energy was AMAZING!!
I really liked how the lights and special effects complemented their performance, nothing was too over the top or showy, so nothing distracted from the music and their talent. I also liked how the big screens showed close ups of them performing with a sepia or black and white hue, it really suited their style. My favorite was when the lights were down and the *patio lights* were on, like they were singing in my back yard. As if.
I loved every moment.

And I woke up this morning still singing along with them in my head.

As you do.
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  1. I'm SOOOOO glad you enjoyed it!!! (Not that there was any doubt that you would!) I'm so glad we were able to connect!


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