what i wore

i promise i didn't intend to leave a what i wore post up for a week and then not blog for a week and then come back with another style post.

but here i am.

doing just that.

y'all probably know that i am all about casual, comfortable outfits that are (fairly) simple yet look (i hope!) pulled together with fun accessories.

case in point: sunday's simple basics with a statement necklace. easy peasy.
cowl necked top: stitchfix
skirt: stein mart
denim jacket: nordstrom
leopard flats: payless
statement necklace: nordstrom
kendra scott bangles: nordstrom & nm last call
remember: leopard is a neutral.
it is.
try it.

okay, i don't know what possessed me to not only try to rock gingham and pigtails and a half tuck all on the same day.

but there you have it.

i tried.


just call me ellie mae.
if the weather had been cooler, (curse you, fake fall in texas!) i would have added a scarf or my army vest, or both. i think it needed something around the neckline to break up some of that gingham.

shirt: gap
jeans: macy's
chucks: academy (everyone needs at least one pair of chucks, you just do)
orange belt: target
leather cuff: farmgirl paints
watch: michael kors

remember how i told y'all last week i was all verklempt about booties? yeah. i still am.

except now i'm down with the fringe.

because life is too short not to wear fringe.
slouchy t: free people, nordstrom (on sale!)
jeans: macy's (yep, a repeat, hush)
necklace: twisted silver
bronze hoops: stella & dot
fringe ankle boots: sam edelman, nm last call (on sale & and  an extra 40%off!)
{yikes! i really need to get my hairs touched up muy pronto!}

i can't explain my sudden infatuation with fringe, it's like really out of the fashion comfort box for me, but i love these boots! they're a strange mix of boho, western and sassy funk and i predict i will be wearing them a lot. but don't fret, i don't think i'll be sporting a leather fringed jacket anytime soon.

i had forgotten that my mom had a pair of fringe booties back in the day (the day being somewhere late 60s early 70s), more like a moccasin bootie, but with conchos on the side like these, so maybe i'm channelling a bit of her.

don't tell anyone, but i've had my eye (both, actually) on a pair of those minnetonka layered (either three or five layer fringe boots (they're higher, like real boots but a moccasin sole) but can't quite pull the trigger on them yet.

would you wear fringe? do you already? do tell...

happy wednesday, y'all!

pleated poppy 
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what i wore wednesday: stitchfix & booties

it's been a while since i've done a wiww post.

there must be something about our slightly cooler weather (fall in texas is highly elusive) that motivated me to get myself together more often.

or maybe it's my new booties.

jeans: gap
oversized t: free people, nordstrom
leopard belt: target
ankle boots: sam edelman, nordstrom (on super markdown!!)
watch: michael kors
bangles: kendra scott, neiman marcus last call (super clearance markdown!!)
monocle necklace: twisted silver
i'm not gonna lie, this slouchy t-shirt and jeans is my new favorite outfit and i may or may not have worn it on repeat a few times over the last week. it's the me i want to be, casual and comfortable but slightly edgy and hip. plus it's all easy to throw on in less than five minutes yet look somewhat together.
denim shirt: gap
maxi skirt & grey tank: target
necklace: twisted silver
leather cuff: farmgirl paints
jordana bangles: kendra scott, nordstrom
same ankle boots as above

can you wear ankle boots with maxi skirts?

sure. why not?

this is especially helpful when 1.) the weather is cool and wedges seem weird and B.) you're in desperate need of a pedicure. plus you can stretch summer staples into fall. for the win!
the cooler(ish) temps inspired me to wear one of my favorite stitchfix pieces (the orange dolman sleeve sweater) for a teacher conference this week.

do y'all know about stitchfix? it's an awesome online personal shopper/stylist service. you fill out a detailed profile about your style and sizes then you get a fun box on your porch filled with five items of clothing/accessories chosen just for you by a stylist. you try them on at home, keep what you love and return what you don't in a prepaid mailer. i've kept a few things that i might not have picked for myself if i'd been shopping but loved once i tried them on. it costs $20 but you can apply that toward what you keep, if you keep all 5 items you get 25% off your total (i haven't done that yet, i usually keep 1-3 items).
sweater: stitchfix
jeans: vigoss, nordstrom
nude flats: vince camuto, nordstrom
(they are such comfy flats with a touch of dressy with the patent)
sanibel pendant: stella & dot

i like to do style posts from time to time, not because i imagine myself a style or fashion blogger (as if!) or because i think i am all that, but because i enjoy seeing what other people are wearing (on blogs and pinterest)--and then copying the styles i like--and maybe you do to. yes, i feel silly posing on our porch or wherever, yes, it's awkward if someone sees me (but really, who cares?) and i have no idea why i feel compelled to look down at the ground like there's something fascinating happening there. yes, i like clothes and accessories and makeup and yes, that might make me seem superficial or vain or materialistic--and maybe it is, sorry--but only to a small degree i hope. that's not all of me. i don't think there's anything wrong with making an effort to look cute on a semi-regular basis, just not obsess about it. you know?

happy wednesday, my stylish friends!

pleated poppy
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Miscellany Monday


I've been trying to drink a green smoothie every day.
Just call me Kermit.
My current non-recipe recipe includes spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, a bit of apple and a few pieces of frozen mango and pineapple. I also add a splash of apple cider vinegar, flaxseed, Amazing Grass powder and water then blend with my NutriBullet (it's really fast and makes it very smooth, not pulpy).

Even if I eat poorly later in the day (which, hello, happens) I feel like at least I had my healthy green drink.         
I don't know what the big deal is but Annelise has been begging to ride in the front seat, so last week I let her sit there on the way to dance (like a five minute drive, woo).

I was the raddest mom ever.
For five minutes.

Honestly, I don't even know what the guidelines (laws?) are for front seat passengers here in Texas, but I think she's old enough at 10 and big enough to ride there occasionally.

Says the 70s girl who rode in the front seat at five standing up and used her mother's arm at a sudden stop as a seat belt.
Annelise didn't have school Friday (let the church say AMEN) (but she still got up at 7 anyway, what?!) so we piddled around the house being all kinds of lazy (actually, she'd gotten her flu shot the night before and was running a low fever) before venturing out to Hobby Lobby for essentials.

And by essentials, I mean duct tape. She had tooth fairy money burning a hole in her pocket.
Saturday morning on the soccer sideline was brisk and windy, which called for pink stripes and blue polka dots.
As it is wont to do.
Annelise scored two (!!) goals and helped her team win their game 9-2.

She was, of course proud, as were we, but snacks will always be her favorite.
Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.

And finally (the crowd goes wild), after two weeks of quiet car rides our radio is working again.
When we upgraded our phones a few weeks ago our car system didn't recognize them (boo!) which was annoying #firstworldproblems #spoiled because we love to have our playlists going in the car. Thankfully we were still under warranty (that never happens, y'all) and it was too expensive for Best Buy to upgrade the software on our old system so they replaced it with a newer model.


xoxo, y'all!

lowercase letters
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Three Things on a Thursday

I wish Annelise was more of a bookworm.

Where as I can sit and read the day away until someone forces me to get up (the nerve!), Annelise needs a little extrinsic motivation.

Like a big bowl of popcorn.
Don't get me wrong, she does like to read and she reads often (thanks to loving nudges from her pesky mother) but she's not at that stage where books are her first choice. Losing track of her time within pages of a great book rarely happens.

My heart hurts typing that.

Lately it's a struggle to get 15 minutes (maybe 20) without complaint or pleas to go outside.

I don't like forcing her to read everyday (or most days), I don't want reading to be a chore or something just to check off a list but I don't want to give up either (the horror!). 

I keep trying to push her toward better books and good authors instead of serial type mysteries, with my fingers crossed that this one will be the one to light her literary fire.
And speaking of reading, these have been on my nightstand as of late.

I finished Revolutionary Road earlier this week and enjoyed the story and author's style (even though the subject matter is sometimes difficult) . It made me think about marriage and expectations and well...the nitty gritty of everyday life.

Now I'm lost in the Okie migration west during the Great Depression. It's been a bit of a challenge with the dialects and slower pace, but I think I'm hooked now. 

I had started The House at Tyneford, set in WWII times, but put it aside to read Loving Frank (about Frank Lloyd Wright which I liked yet was also disturbed by their choices and the ending) from the library.

I don't cook a lot of pasta, because, well, even though I love all things noodley, they do not love me.

When I heard about One Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta  I knew I had to ignore my muffin top and give this a whirl.

You seriously only use one pot. One.

That's my love language folks!
2 out of my 3 people loved it and the other one really missed her meatballs, but whatevs.

Next time I'll try adding mushrooms, artichokes and either a bigger can of tomatoes or two regular and I'll cut back on the red pepper. It called for 1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes and of course I didn't have them, so I used 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper instead and it was a little fiery overall (but still yummy).

Try it, you'll like it, Mikey.

(I just dated myself didn't I?)
Losing a tooth at school makes for the best day ever.

It must have something to do with getting a tiny treasure box from the nurse.
Dropping your tooth (your first molar lost no less) down the drain later that night makes for the worst day ever.

I can't even.

A note explaining the situation was left for the Tooth Fairy under her pillow instead of her tooth.

This is the second time a note has had to be left in place of a lost lost tooth.

I can't even.

Waking up to find $5 makes for the best morning ever, especially for a ten year old in need of some new duct tape.

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Miscellany Monday


these random type posts seem to be my go-to method of posting lately.

or maybe always.
stopping for sonic happy hour drinks is a weekly thing, at least most weeks.
it's hard to resist their tater tots since you're getting your drinks so cheap.
just so you know.

(i get the chili-cheese, just fyi.)


i'm all swoony again over dark nail polish for fall.
it's a thing.

some people have mums and pumpkin spice lattes as their fall thing, mine is labeled essie or opi in shades of grey and black.

as evidenced by my nails above (essie's smokin' hot, a plum grey) and the fact there is a severe lack of pumpkins, mums and all things fall sprinkled thoughtfully around our house (everything's still in the attic) (it's still so hot, i can't find my festive).

although i did change out my seasonal subway art thingie and write "trick or treat" on my ribbon plate--and changed the ribbon to orange plaid and black polka dots.
so there's that.
as you may have gathered, i'm not constantly decorating or re-decorating and futzing with the house. i get things the way i (mostly) like them and then live that way pretty much just this side of forever.


our family room was making me antsy.

the rug was almost in shreds (that's not hyperbole) and the orange throw pillows were more like tortillas instead of fluffy pillows.

so target and tjmaxx to the rescue.

just the simple changes of a few new pillows with shades of teal, grey and gold and a neutral beige and brownish grey rug have made all the difference.
our daily race to school, one which always feels like we're on the verge of losing.

there's no buffer. we need a buffer. desperately.

so this week our goal is to leave the house at least five minutes earlier.

i know that's hardly a buffer but baby steps, people. we managed it friday and the car line was sooo much smoother and less crowded and i could breathe and not want to stab people, which is, you know, a good thing.
scott and i saw gravity friday morning, in 3d, which is not my favorite at all (i fear migraines) but worth it for this movie. we missed the first showing and the second one was the swanky xd theatre, with the leather seats and the super loudness and the extra priceyness.

we liked it.
i'm not one to be all impressed by special effects, but, yeah, this one has a lot.
it was intense. but good.

we followed up with lunch on the patio at our favorite mediterranean restaurant.
saturday = soccer
it was miserably hot and threatening to rain but annelise's team won, so yay!

we celebrated, and cooled off, with a late lunch at jimmy changa's (a tex-mex place) (are you surprised?) which was of course, yummy, but annelise got to cool off even more when the waiters's tray slipped and a glass of water spilled on her. she thought it felt pretty good! later though she got cold so they gave her a jimmy changa's t-shirt with their cute monkey logo, so she was over the moon excited about the whole debacle.
chili pepper red, leopard and a tiny sign of fall all make me happy, happy, happy.

and speaking of happy, happy monday, y'all!

(i don't know why i threw all capitalization out the window today, i guess i felt a bit rebellious.)

lowercase letters
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