Miscellany Monday

A few little randoms of late...
This photo cracks me up, Snowball (our new bunny) is determined to make friends with Spooky (our cantankerous fourteen year old cat), and as you can see, Spooky is thrilled with this development. Snowball follows her around as much as he can until Spooky runs away where Snowball can't follow or Spooky pops him on the head a few times with her paw, whichever comes first.

It's quite hilarious.
We caved.

And are delighted.
After crashing and burning with #55milesinaugust (I think I made it to 32 miles, which, you know, doesn't totally stink, but still) and completely skipping September's challenge, I'm tentatively committing to #48milesinoctober.

Saturday morning was my first time back on the streets and it felt surprisingly good, so, yay, and I managed to knock out four miles, so, louder YAY.
A quick detour by the library on the way home from school = happy, happy, happy.

I liked Joyland (not over the top Stephen King, just the right amount and not too much creepy), it was a quick read full of nostalgia, mystery and a touch of sweetness. I skipped 31 Bond Street and an enjoying Loving Frank right now.

Annelise grabbed a few new reads too, of course.
Leopard and ripped jeans, does it get much better?

These are my new lunch favorites. So yummy!
When I find something I like I tend to hoard it (I would have bought more but Kroger only had a few).

I've gotten in the habit of eating either a Smart Ones (I have a few favorites from that brand) or a few different Lean Cuisines for lunch during the week. Maybe not the healthiest, but certainly convenient and portion controlled.

And finally, Annelise had her second soccer game with her new team Saturday and showed much more confidence and go-gettumness than the previous week.
Her team won, not that it really matters, except it does feel pretty stinkin' good.

Happy Monday, y'all!
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  1. The Lean Cuisine pumpkin squash ravioli is to die for, as far as frozen lunch in a box goes. That and an apple or salad is what I have for lunch lately when I am too tired to pack a meal for work. I will have to look for your mushroom ravioli.

    Did you get an iphone or Annelise? I don't have one but we do plan to cave and get Luci one for Christmas because she is the "only" one left on earth without one.

    I went to library this morning too and was scolded for having 11 overdue books. I also inquired about SAT and/or ACT prep books for Luci (she is registered to take it in January) and the librarian looked at me like I was from another planet...apparently they have a few physical prep books but it's all done by online database these days? Who knew, I haven't done this in 20+ years! I also checked out Interview With a Vampire which is SO different from what I usually read. I didn't even like the movie years ago but for some reason I now want to read the book.

    Cute shoes!

    1. Scott and I upgraded our phones after hemming and hawing a while, our contract was up so we decided to go for the 5s. Annelise would LOVE to have a phone but we are holding off on that for as long as we can or she has a valid reason for one, her iPod is fine for now. :)

  2. Oh, gotcha. Luci has an old dinosaur of a phone for now. Griffin (same age as Annelise) wants a phone but really what would he use it for? I don't leave him anywhere unattended. It does give me peace of mind with Luci though since I drop her off at church, gym, etc and she can call me when done. Griffin got an iPod this summer and loves it.


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