Miscellany Monday


these random type posts seem to be my go-to method of posting lately.

or maybe always.
stopping for sonic happy hour drinks is a weekly thing, at least most weeks.
it's hard to resist their tater tots since you're getting your drinks so cheap.
just so you know.

(i get the chili-cheese, just fyi.)


i'm all swoony again over dark nail polish for fall.
it's a thing.

some people have mums and pumpkin spice lattes as their fall thing, mine is labeled essie or opi in shades of grey and black.

as evidenced by my nails above (essie's smokin' hot, a plum grey) and the fact there is a severe lack of pumpkins, mums and all things fall sprinkled thoughtfully around our house (everything's still in the attic) (it's still so hot, i can't find my festive).

although i did change out my seasonal subway art thingie and write "trick or treat" on my ribbon plate--and changed the ribbon to orange plaid and black polka dots.
so there's that.
as you may have gathered, i'm not constantly decorating or re-decorating and futzing with the house. i get things the way i (mostly) like them and then live that way pretty much just this side of forever.


our family room was making me antsy.

the rug was almost in shreds (that's not hyperbole) and the orange throw pillows were more like tortillas instead of fluffy pillows.

so target and tjmaxx to the rescue.

just the simple changes of a few new pillows with shades of teal, grey and gold and a neutral beige and brownish grey rug have made all the difference.
our daily race to school, one which always feels like we're on the verge of losing.

there's no buffer. we need a buffer. desperately.

so this week our goal is to leave the house at least five minutes earlier.

i know that's hardly a buffer but baby steps, people. we managed it friday and the car line was sooo much smoother and less crowded and i could breathe and not want to stab people, which is, you know, a good thing.
scott and i saw gravity friday morning, in 3d, which is not my favorite at all (i fear migraines) but worth it for this movie. we missed the first showing and the second one was the swanky xd theatre, with the leather seats and the super loudness and the extra priceyness.

we liked it.
i'm not one to be all impressed by special effects, but, yeah, this one has a lot.
it was intense. but good.

we followed up with lunch on the patio at our favorite mediterranean restaurant.
saturday = soccer
it was miserably hot and threatening to rain but annelise's team won, so yay!

we celebrated, and cooled off, with a late lunch at jimmy changa's (a tex-mex place) (are you surprised?) which was of course, yummy, but annelise got to cool off even more when the waiters's tray slipped and a glass of water spilled on her. she thought it felt pretty good! later though she got cold so they gave her a jimmy changa's t-shirt with their cute monkey logo, so she was over the moon excited about the whole debacle.
chili pepper red, leopard and a tiny sign of fall all make me happy, happy, happy.

and speaking of happy, happy monday, y'all!

(i don't know why i threw all capitalization out the window today, i guess i felt a bit rebellious.)

lowercase letters
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  1. I love your Miscellany posts. I am so remiss in reading blogs--just never sit down at computer and if I don't see a tweet with a link it just doesn't get read. I suppose that is not surprising, given my lack of posting. I hope to see Gravity. Everyone raves about it. And I love your red and animal print.


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