Miscellany Monday


I've been trying to drink a green smoothie every day.
Just call me Kermit.
My current non-recipe recipe includes spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, a bit of apple and a few pieces of frozen mango and pineapple. I also add a splash of apple cider vinegar, flaxseed, Amazing Grass powder and water then blend with my NutriBullet (it's really fast and makes it very smooth, not pulpy).

Even if I eat poorly later in the day (which, hello, happens) I feel like at least I had my healthy green drink.         
I don't know what the big deal is but Annelise has been begging to ride in the front seat, so last week I let her sit there on the way to dance (like a five minute drive, woo).

I was the raddest mom ever.
For five minutes.

Honestly, I don't even know what the guidelines (laws?) are for front seat passengers here in Texas, but I think she's old enough at 10 and big enough to ride there occasionally.

Says the 70s girl who rode in the front seat at five standing up and used her mother's arm at a sudden stop as a seat belt.
Annelise didn't have school Friday (let the church say AMEN) (but she still got up at 7 anyway, what?!) so we piddled around the house being all kinds of lazy (actually, she'd gotten her flu shot the night before and was running a low fever) before venturing out to Hobby Lobby for essentials.

And by essentials, I mean duct tape. She had tooth fairy money burning a hole in her pocket.
Saturday morning on the soccer sideline was brisk and windy, which called for pink stripes and blue polka dots.
As it is wont to do.
Annelise scored two (!!) goals and helped her team win their game 9-2.

She was, of course proud, as were we, but snacks will always be her favorite.
Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.

And finally (the crowd goes wild), after two weeks of quiet car rides our radio is working again.
When we upgraded our phones a few weeks ago our car system didn't recognize them (boo!) which was annoying #firstworldproblems #spoiled because we love to have our playlists going in the car. Thankfully we were still under warranty (that never happens, y'all) and it was too expensive for Best Buy to upgrade the software on our old system so they replaced it with a newer model.


xoxo, y'all!

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  1. In LA you have to be 12 to sit in the front. I only allow Luci to do it if there is no other available seat in the van (if we are carpooling to a game etc) because she is a very distracting front seat passenger!

    I am the same with the green smoothies. Eliot likes them too. Luci will choose a spinach or kale smoothie as an alternative to a salad but Griffin usually would rather just eat a plate of vegetables. I do chia seeds in place of flax though and I do the Amazing Grass powder and usually Sun Warrior brown rice protein powder too.

    And the Fridays off... as a working mom they are killing me... we are in 2 different private schools between the 3 kids and are in a 6 week stretch with Fridays of for 5 of the 6 Fridays for one or both of the schools... teacher conference day, end of the 9 weeks day, fair day, etc. etc. We have 3 Fridays left of this stretch so now I am just embracing it.

    1. Yeah, I prefer her riding in the back too, so this will just be an occasional treat.

      Annelise likes the green smoothies only if they're heavier on fruit and lighter on the greens :).

  2. I was curious about the front seat thing and I read that we don't have any laws for when a child can ride in the front seat as long as they meat all of the safety seat requirements - which obviously A doesn't have to worry about at 10. Apparently each car manufacturer has a recommended age for front seat passengers, but as you said, we've been riding in the front seat FOREVER! ;)

    1. How did we survive???? hahaha

      Thanks for the info.!


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