New York 2013: Day Three

Our third morning in NYC started with a trip to Dunkin' Donuts and a subway ride uptown.
(Quick *on the streets* selfie.)

So we could sip our drinks and nibble our egg sandwiches (or donuts for Annelise) in Central Park.

You know, as one does.
I don't think I would ever get tired of hanging out in Central Park.
I wish we had rented bikes so we could explore more of the park, especially as several people merrily pedaled by as we were hoofing it across (and briefly getting lost in The Ramble) on our way to the Museum of Natural History.
Three things: The museum is ENORmous, my feet and legs were crying and I quickly started to wish we'd just decided to watch Night at the Museum instead.

What's that saying? It's not you, it's me? Or, I'm just not that into you?

Yeah. That.

I don't know why exactly, but I was bored beyond my limits of boredom and tired and a bit of a crab apple. Scott kept asking me how I could spend hours at MOMA or the Met (from our first trip to NYC) and not the MNH and I could never give him a clear answer except that those were filled with ART and this, well...wasn't.

I know. I am a pill.
Hey Dum Dum, you give me gum gum.

However we (okay me) managed to soldier through with a (mostly) brave face and see most of the exhibits. Although I will admit a good portion of my viewing consisted on what I could see from the closest bench. Annelise spent some of her money on an arrowhead and two sphere rocks in the gift shop, so she was happy little clam.

After the museum we headed south for linner in Little Italy.
We didn't have a particular restaurant in mind so we just picked one called Sofia's.

I loved my creamy seafood pasta (it was one of their specials), Scott really liked his veal and Annelise tolerated her spaghetti and meatballs (there were *green* things, i.e., spinach in her meatballs, oh the humanity).
After filling our tummies we walked over to Chinatown (it's right next to Little Italy) so Annelise could shop for cheap souvenirs. She bought a new iPod case in the Elizabeth Center Gift Shops, a grass paper dancing frog from a street vendor and I got her a New York boho messenger bag from one of the hawker shops along Canal St.
Next up was 42nd St. and this place...
There is the coolest whispering gallery near The Oyster Bar restaurant (I wanted to eat something there since it's a New York classic, but my people, mainly the littlest one, did not) where you can stand in opposite corners and have the clearest conversation. Annelise thought this was most excellent.
Day three ended fairly early, certainly by NYC standards, but we were all three tired and ready to get back to the hotel for the night to chill.

Well, after a quick detour by Starbucks for coffee and hot chocolate of course.

Our final NYC adventures are up next...stay tuned friends!

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