NYC 2013: Day Four

Our final day in NYC started with a subway ride downtown to the 9/11 memorial. The new Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) is still under construction (as is a lot of the area) and will be the tallest building in New York City. 

Trivia: It's named Freedom because it's 1,776 feet tall which, you know, relates to the whole American Revolution slash Declaration of Independence thing. Cool.
The memorial fountains (is that what they're called? water walls?) and surrounding ledges filled with names are beautiful in their simplicity. The whole area, while steadily busy with tours, still manages to convey a feeling of peace and calm.

The museum wasn't open yet (it's still under construction), I hated to miss that, but maybe we'll get to see it on another trip. :)
After spending some time at the memorial we ventured further south to see Lady Liberty.
We decided to just ride the Staten Island Ferry which sails by but doesn't stop at the Island, because one, it's one of the few free things in NYC, and two, Ellis Island is still closed from Hurricane Sandy, and just doing Liberty Island didn't seem worth it (we briefly considered getting tickets to go inside the monument and climbing up to the top until we read how inside the statue can be up to 20 degrees hotter than outside with no ventilation, so...um, no, not in September).
But seeing her for free was pretty sweet just the same!
Annelise thought it was cool we had an armed escort.
These guys made me smile.
Just because.

Then we were Brooklyn bound!
My Birks were ready to hit the bridge!

Yes, it was hot. Yes, it was crowded. Yes, the bike riders will yell very loudly at you if you accidentally cross over into their sacred bike lane, or possibly even run over you.
But whatever.
It's the Brooklyn Bridge, baby!
Once we made it across we rewarded ourselves with pizza.

As you do.
Where we waited in line for, oh, forty five minutes maybe, but whatever, it's Grimaldi's, baby!
Annelise declared it the best pizza she ever had.
In all of her ten years.
After devouring the entire pizza between the three of us we headed down to the park area along the waterfront for ice cream.

As you do.
Annelise (and Ripley) killed time waiting in line standing on a pillar.

I don't know.
Dear Brooklyn,
You were awesome.

We ended the day back in Times Square.
We got nabbed by two superheroes as we were innocently trying to walk from Point A to Point B through a gajillion people, several of whom were scantily and provocatively clad women and men who've made parading around in their underwear (or less) a career choice.

Annelise wanted her picture taken because she likes superheroes, but I don't think true superheroes would pester you for a tip.

Dear Times Square,
You are NOT my favorite and will never be.
I don't understand the hype.
But, of course, I will always love New York.

Sunday morning was bittersweet as we bid the city goodbye from the back of the taxi as we sped toward La Guardia.
Until next time.

p.s. just in case you missed them: nyc days uno, dos, and tres.

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  1. I really enjoyed your pics and reading your NYC posts. Had to go back and re-read the first couple of days, too. So many fun memories for you and your family. Love.


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