Three Things on a Thursday

I wish Annelise was more of a bookworm.

Where as I can sit and read the day away until someone forces me to get up (the nerve!), Annelise needs a little extrinsic motivation.

Like a big bowl of popcorn.
Don't get me wrong, she does like to read and she reads often (thanks to loving nudges from her pesky mother) but she's not at that stage where books are her first choice. Losing track of her time within pages of a great book rarely happens.

My heart hurts typing that.

Lately it's a struggle to get 15 minutes (maybe 20) without complaint or pleas to go outside.

I don't like forcing her to read everyday (or most days), I don't want reading to be a chore or something just to check off a list but I don't want to give up either (the horror!). 

I keep trying to push her toward better books and good authors instead of serial type mysteries, with my fingers crossed that this one will be the one to light her literary fire.
And speaking of reading, these have been on my nightstand as of late.

I finished Revolutionary Road earlier this week and enjoyed the story and author's style (even though the subject matter is sometimes difficult) . It made me think about marriage and expectations and well...the nitty gritty of everyday life.

Now I'm lost in the Okie migration west during the Great Depression. It's been a bit of a challenge with the dialects and slower pace, but I think I'm hooked now. 

I had started The House at Tyneford, set in WWII times, but put it aside to read Loving Frank (about Frank Lloyd Wright which I liked yet was also disturbed by their choices and the ending) from the library.

I don't cook a lot of pasta, because, well, even though I love all things noodley, they do not love me.

When I heard about One Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta  I knew I had to ignore my muffin top and give this a whirl.

You seriously only use one pot. One.

That's my love language folks!
2 out of my 3 people loved it and the other one really missed her meatballs, but whatevs.

Next time I'll try adding mushrooms, artichokes and either a bigger can of tomatoes or two regular and I'll cut back on the red pepper. It called for 1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes and of course I didn't have them, so I used 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper instead and it was a little fiery overall (but still yummy).

Try it, you'll like it, Mikey.

(I just dated myself didn't I?)
Losing a tooth at school makes for the best day ever.

It must have something to do with getting a tiny treasure box from the nurse.
Dropping your tooth (your first molar lost no less) down the drain later that night makes for the worst day ever.

I can't even.

A note explaining the situation was left for the Tooth Fairy under her pillow instead of her tooth.

This is the second time a note has had to be left in place of a lost lost tooth.

I can't even.

Waking up to find $5 makes for the best morning ever, especially for a ten year old in need of some new duct tape.

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