what i wore

i promise i didn't intend to leave a what i wore post up for a week and then not blog for a week and then come back with another style post.

but here i am.

doing just that.

y'all probably know that i am all about casual, comfortable outfits that are (fairly) simple yet look (i hope!) pulled together with fun accessories.

case in point: sunday's simple basics with a statement necklace. easy peasy.
cowl necked top: stitchfix
skirt: stein mart
denim jacket: nordstrom
leopard flats: payless
statement necklace: nordstrom
kendra scott bangles: nordstrom & nm last call
remember: leopard is a neutral.
it is.
try it.

okay, i don't know what possessed me to not only try to rock gingham and pigtails and a half tuck all on the same day.

but there you have it.

i tried.


just call me ellie mae.
if the weather had been cooler, (curse you, fake fall in texas!) i would have added a scarf or my army vest, or both. i think it needed something around the neckline to break up some of that gingham.

shirt: gap
jeans: macy's
chucks: academy (everyone needs at least one pair of chucks, you just do)
orange belt: target
leather cuff: farmgirl paints
watch: michael kors

remember how i told y'all last week i was all verklempt about booties? yeah. i still am.

except now i'm down with the fringe.

because life is too short not to wear fringe.
slouchy t: free people, nordstrom (on sale!)
jeans: macy's (yep, a repeat, hush)
necklace: twisted silver
bronze hoops: stella & dot
fringe ankle boots: sam edelman, nm last call (on sale & and  an extra 40%off!)
{yikes! i really need to get my hairs touched up muy pronto!}

i can't explain my sudden infatuation with fringe, it's like really out of the fashion comfort box for me, but i love these boots! they're a strange mix of boho, western and sassy funk and i predict i will be wearing them a lot. but don't fret, i don't think i'll be sporting a leather fringed jacket anytime soon.

i had forgotten that my mom had a pair of fringe booties back in the day (the day being somewhere late 60s early 70s), more like a moccasin bootie, but with conchos on the side like these, so maybe i'm channelling a bit of her.

don't tell anyone, but i've had my eye (both, actually) on a pair of those minnetonka layered (either three or five layer fringe boots (they're higher, like real boots but a moccasin sole) but can't quite pull the trigger on them yet.

would you wear fringe? do you already? do tell...

happy wednesday, y'all!

pleated poppy 
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  1. Cute outfits! I love your jewelry too. So fun!

    My daughter would go ga-ga over those fringed booties. She adores anything with fringe. They look great with your outfit. I've got booties on my must-get list for this fall.

    Thanks for stopping by The Domestic Fringe today and leaving a comment. It's always nice to "meet" other bloggers.


  2. Fun looks and love the jewelry! i think fringe has always been a fun and flirty addition! Very boho!

  3. Really cute outfits. I like the bangles. Great inspiration thanks.

  4. Gotta love the Ellie Mae Clampett outfit, but don't think too many of the younger crowd even knows who she was - lol!!! Hopped over from WIWW.

  5. So cute! Love the first outfit especially, very cute skirt!

  6. Hi my dear!! I am a breastcancer survivor and i write from germany.
    I am since a long time hard looking for the fringe edelman´s, so:
    if you normal have a 7,5 in OGringo´s and will ever sell these fringe sam edelman, please contact me:
    gobunt@gmx.de or on my blog:
    thanks a lot and also for sharing your post.


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