Thanksgiving 2k13

We gathered at my dad and Peggy's yesterday for Thanksgiving. Last year we were at Disney over Thanksgiving and then my dad and Peggy spent Christmas and New Year's in Branson with some of their friends so it's been a while since the whole bunch has been together (and when I say bunch I mean her kids and their families).

Can I just tell y'all something? 

I am an awkward hugger.
Unless I really know you.
And want to hug you in the first place.
At best I'm a sideways hugger with a pat or a one arm awkward wrap and a pat on the back in these situations.

Peggy's family? They're big huggers.
And even smoochers.
I get tense even thinking about it.

So entrances and exits--otherwise known as hug and smooch central--are a bit awkward for me, I really just want to whisper bye and scamper out the door unnoticed.


Annelise was beside herself with glee to spend almost a whole day with Cole and Colin.
There was, of course, food, glorious food.
All of it some sort of beige.
Wait. There were peas and broccoli, but the broccoli was in cheesy casserole form so it also had a beige tint.
I did make (mix?) my Big Salad (not pictured) so there were some fresh greens too.
I hope y'all don't lose complete faith in me but I feel I must also tell you that I hate Jello salads.

Whipped. Clear. Frothy. All of them.

I'm sorry. But they are gross. Marshmallows should never be suspended, only melting in hot chocolate or smushed on my s'more.

Moving on…

In between football games (both on TV and live in the yard) I roped everyone into posing for a group shot for Peggy. 
The sun was a little harsh on a few fellas in the back row so we regrouped for a few more.
It would have been wrong not to do a silly pose.
When they weren't playing football the boys (all ages) (plus Annelise, of course) were shooting hoops (they played PIG or BOY which I guess are cousins of HORSE).

Like until dark thirty.
All in all it was a fun and relaxing day.

I do wish we would have played cards or a board game but this crowd really likes its sports (both watching and playing), so that never materialized (Peggy did mention it once but there was still some football game on TV so I think it fell on deaf ears, oh well).

Annelise was ex-HAUS-ted and even begged to sit on my lap and snooze after the boys left. What? She barely had the energy to RipStick herself home (we had schlepped over) and fell asleep immediately after her bath.

Which is the sign of a GREAT day in her book.


How was your Thanksgiving? Do tell.
What kind of hugger are you? Full frontal? Sideways? Or awkward half hug & pat like me?
What's your stance on Jello salad?
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what i wore

as always, things this week are pretty simple with a few fun accessories.

jeans and a brightly colored top for last thursday.
top: loft
boyfriend jeans: gap
nude flats: nordstrom
watch: michael kors
earrings: stella & dot
neutral layers were on the menu for friday.
top: target 
skinny jeans: banana republic
chevron sweater: stitch fix
ankle boots: sam edelman, nordstrom
sanibel reversible pendant: stella & dot
bangles: kendra scott
a cold saturday morning called for layers and breakfast out.
gingham shirt & jeans: gap
grey t & vest: target
grey infinity scarf: boutique in granbury,tx
chucks: academy
leather cuff: farmgirl paints

sunday was a mix of black, brown and floral. just because.
black dress, brown sweater vest & tights: old navy
floral scarf: target
earrings: kendra scott
bracelets: twisted silver
boots: frye paige, zappos

tuesday called for stripes, mustard and a military jacket for errands.
military jacket & jeans: nordstrom
striped t: j crew factory
mustard scarf: kiki la rue
wedge ankle boots: kork-ease, nordstrom

thanks for stopping by today!
pleated poppy

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miscellany monday

well hello there thanksgiving break!

in the words of joey from friends, "how yooouu doin'?"

it was beyond nice to have a relaxing morning and not rush around doing the get ready for school shuffle. outside is cold, grey and rainy but things here inside are cozy. banana bread is baking in the oven and we're still sporting our pjs (i realize pumpkin bread might be more apropos but those bananas on the counter getting browner by the day were making me feel guilty).

annelise had hot chocolate for breakfast, but i also scrambled some eggs to balance out the marshmallows.

as you may remember (or not, it's totally a-okay), friday was my birthday. i got to celebrate it with katniss and friends at the first showing of catching fire (sooooo good!).
we scrambled out the door in a rush, as per usual, because we (and by we, i mean scott) were going to a theater a bit farther away and were worried about opening day crowds (he can't risk missing the previews, you know) (we got there like 30 minutes early, who are we?)

i totally smuggled my coffee (carefully) and a cut up apple and cheese in my purse for breakfast.

as you do.

of course the movie was awesome.

i'm nagging encouraging scott to read the books. i'm being met with resistance. sigh.

after the movie we screamed over to annelise's school for their grandparents' day program.

annelise was a mission impossible team member and got to run in shooting her nerf gun during part of the program (that part was dark, so no pics). 

she was highly excited.
the program was really cute. they played neil diamond's coming to america while the pilgrims sailed, funky drum beats when the pilgrims met the indians and zz top when the indians taught the pilgrims to hunt--wearing duck dynasty beards no less.
then there was some singing.
note annelise on the end, waving, because she is subtle that way.
after that we screamed over to the cheesecake factory for my birthday linner.
three hungry shadows.
we shared some s'more cheesecake, which was quite yummy.

the birthday girl may or may not have also taken a piece of mango key lime home with her for later.
we stretched the birthday celebrating a bit further by going out for breakfast saturday morning at the egg and i. we're all three now fans.

and in non-birthday related news…

the prodigal runner strikes again.
that's right, i ran last week.



maybe this is the start of something.



lowercase letters
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i'm on the edge

or maybe the cusp.


of turning 45.



that's smack dab in the middle between forty and fifty y'all.



but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

so, um…yeah, my birthday is tomorrow.

i'm choosing to embrace my new number.


i mean, really, what choice do i have?

44 was pretty good to me, so fingers crossed 45 will do the same.

a good portion of today was spent getting all my hairs refreshed so i can start this new age adventure with good hair, because that's important.

(it really is y'all.)
it was long overdue, like i had roots and greys for days. i feel so much better! (can't you tell?)

earlier this week the girls surprised me at bible study with cupcakes and gifts. how did i get so lucky to have such sweet and sneaky friends?
they are the best!
i love all my goodies (they know me so well)!

we don't have set in stone plans for celebrating tomorrow, just a few loose ideas (that's how we roll).

there's a strong chance there will be cheesecake though.


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what i wore

this week is fairly simple with casual clothes and layered accessories.

(who am i kidding? every week is like this.)
sweatshirt: target
jeans: gap
necklaces & bracelet: twisted silver
leopard flats: sam edelman, nordstrom

sunday involved a simple chambray dress and ankle boots.
dress: j crew factory
boots: sam edelman, nordstrom

i think this dress will be a good year round basic that i can layer with sweaters, scarves or wear with leggings or tights and boots.
layering a couple of blingy statement necklaces was new for me, but i liked it!

crystal necklace: j crew factory
yellow & grey necklace: nordstrom
leather cuff: farmgirl paints
crystal stretch bracelet: nordstrom
gold bangles: kendra scott (nordstrom and nm last call)
ankle boots: nordstrom

i almost just wore ballet flats since the weather wasn't cool enough for long boots and at the last minute decided ankle boots would be more fun. it was my first time to wear them with a dress, i felt a little sassy.

tuesday called for stripes and floral.

and lazy hair.

why not?
shirt & jeans: gap
scarf: target
nude patent ballet flats: vince camuto, nordstrom
gold bangles: kendra scott
what are you layering or mixing lately? do tell.

pleated poppy
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miscellany monday

since i blogged more last week i'm finding myself a little lean on miscellany starting out this week.

you're welcome.

annelise had her last soccer game saturday. her team fought hard but lost 3-1, oh well. we can see her skills improved overall this season plus her confidence grew as well. she was intimidated at first by the 10-12 age group at first because many of the kids were 11 or 12, but she got over it quickly.

aggressive, is what she is.

and fast.
they had a team pizza party at double dave's (yum!) after the game which was nice. they got trophies and a certificate for their overall soccer trait. hers was best offensive wing.
(she really was having fun, just caught me trying to take a photo and had to shut herself down.)

we might look into indoor soccer for the off-season, she'd like to keep her skills fresh. there's also another soccer league in our area that is more competitive than the parks and recreation that we've been doing, but it sounds like quite a commitment with two or three practices during the week and two games on the weekend. that might be too much, so we'll see.

grabbed two new books that were waiting for me on hold at the library. i started mindy kaling's book first, it's a fun quick read. her character on the office (kelly) always annoyed me (sorry) so i didn't give her new series (the mindy project) a chance--until recently on netflix--and now i love her and her project.
our home phone line went out last week for no apparent reason.

sidenote: not sure why we even have a home phone line still, except for internet.

we soon discovered the culprit.
all of our cords are now twist-tied up out of snowball's reach (except for the ones under the tv cabinet, we need to remedy that pronto).

and yes, snowball can now jump up on the chair. he wants to be just like spooky (note spooky snoozing in the background).

bunnies are funny.

lowercase letters
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