five for friday

01.) we celebrated annelise's gotcha day yesterday, pretty much all day.

which is just how she likes it.

(her gotcha day is the day we *got* her, two clueless new parents of a 14 month old walking out of orphanage 14 in moscow with her bundled up in an orange and pink snowsuit, like a bright packing peanut, nine years ago.)

time flies.

02.) i brought her the golden arches for lunch at school, which you know, gross, but whatever.
of course, we took a selfie (surprise!)
03.) she could hardly wait until after school and after dance (she skipped her last soccer practice) (thursday nights are not my favorite) and meet her sweet friend donya at the mall to get some piercings.

ears, that is.

after years of "mom, when oh when can i get my ears pierced???"being asked on repeat we settled on after she turned 10. she decided she wanted to do it on her gotcha day, i guess so she'll always remember it, and asked if donya wanted to get hers done at the same time, which of course, she did.

these things are better done together.

i think i'll let the photos tell the story.
yes, there were tears.
but not too many.
i don't think that it hurt her so much, i think all her anxiety got the best of her.

donya chose blue sparkles and annelise chose clear, which she'll get to wear for the next sweet forever.

they also picked out matching leopard headbands and small bff bracelets to commemorate the big event.

we finished up the night at the food court.

as you do.
actually, our mall adventure ended with me getting my brows and upper lip threaded (because we were already there and i didn't want to have to go back) and our whole entourage watching (donya's mom had never seen threading), so i felt like a bit of a spectacle, but what can you do.

i was really jonesing for some cheesecake from the cheesecake factory but my people just wanted to get home. hrrumph! (it was getting late on a school night, but still.)

04.) we gave annelise a gotcha day gift (besides the ear piercing) last night before bed...
and then with an evil laugh we told her she had to wait until after school today to open it.

okay, we didn't laugh, but we did make her wait (she'd have stayed up all night) to get her craft on.

05.) okay, a few last minute--non-gotcha day related--tidbits…

*my current favorite non-sweet snack is sun dried tomato wheat thins with one or two laughing cow queso fresco & chipotle cheese wedges. it's a flavor party in yo' mouth.

*i miss breaking bad.

*but i'm at peace with the ending.

*we experienced a bit of credit card fraud this week, which is unnerving to say the least. we're very thankful the card company caught it quickly but now we'll have to get new cards so that means i'll have to memorize a new number (we'd had the old one for like fifteen years or so), blerg.

*i can't get enough of scandal. are y'all watching? it's okay, you can tell me, i won't judge.

*the time change has wreaked havoc on my insomnia, as it is wont to do. grrrr. plus? it gets dark at 5:45 yet bedtime is still several hours away. that's wrong.

*i have a weird social media question: i'm public on instagram (@marathonbird) but i'm not sure what to do about followers that i don't know and are private, i might like to follow them back but i can't see their photos in order to decide. i don't necessarily want to follow someone blindly and then find out they only take photos of their cat and then have to unfollow, you know? what do you do with private followers you don't know?

happy friday, y'all!

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  1. Love the idea of a special gotcha day!

  2. Scandal…Love! Have you watched The Blacklist? One of my favorite shows (not just saying that because the creator and producer is a long time friend. But I am very happy for him and his family.) :) My daughter who is 9 love her Rainbow Loom as well. I love that it doesn't involve a Disney show or YouTube. ;)


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