i'm on the edge

or maybe the cusp.


of turning 45.



that's smack dab in the middle between forty and fifty y'all.



but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

so, um…yeah, my birthday is tomorrow.

i'm choosing to embrace my new number.


i mean, really, what choice do i have?

44 was pretty good to me, so fingers crossed 45 will do the same.

a good portion of today was spent getting all my hairs refreshed so i can start this new age adventure with good hair, because that's important.

(it really is y'all.)
it was long overdue, like i had roots and greys for days. i feel so much better! (can't you tell?)

earlier this week the girls surprised me at bible study with cupcakes and gifts. how did i get so lucky to have such sweet and sneaky friends?
they are the best!
i love all my goodies (they know me so well)!

we don't have set in stone plans for celebrating tomorrow, just a few loose ideas (that's how we roll).

there's a strong chance there will be cheesecake though.


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