miscellany monday

let's get the cute animal photos out of the way first, shall we?

snowball, our newish bunny, is determined to be friends with one of our cats, spooky, and he goes to great lengths to be her stalker shadow slash wannabe bff. it's quite hilarious. last week i caught them hanging out on the stairs, which was a new thing.
we are all enjoying our coolish (fake-fall in texas) weather we've had of late, even the cats. sitting in the windowsill is their favorite.
last week scott and i had an impromptu lunch date after annelise's soccer game. she ditched us to go home with pappo and grandma, even a trip to jimmy changa's (tex-mex, of course) couldn't dissuade her.

now that i've realized my hair is finally long enough for a top-knot slash messy bun, it's my go-to weekend look. also? sometimes weekday too. what? aren't you lazy too?
annelise was thrilled to get together with one of her friends recently. donya invited her to a murder by chocolate play at this local coffee shop (which we didn't even know existed, but now think is pretty cool). 
last monday i got to hear rene swope from proverbs 31 ministries speak at sagemont's holiday brunch, which was a treat. her message was about unwrapping the most important gift first this holiday season, not getting all martha-y with things that don't matter by keeping my focus on jesus.
the sad news is that the event sold out super fast this year and we could only get tickets to the program and not the brunch. sob! i know i should be all mature and say that the program was the most important part but it was kind of a downer to walk by all the over the top decorated tables (some with huge slices of partially eaten chocolate cake left) with our tummies growling.
awkward photo alert: there were two cameras going and we're all looking in different places, but i wanted to document being there just the same. 
we missed you bunches kim!

this girl.
her nerd glasses (no lenses) are still in full swing but this week she added fingerless gloves (cut up socks).

i can't even.
y'all should make edie's cheese tortellini soup muy pronto. not only is it easy (that's a deal breaker), it's yum-oh. be warned though, it makes enough for an army (at least it seemed that way since we only have three people eating here).

obligatory soccer photos to follow.

(but only three.)
don't hate, but i'm quite happy that in this new 10-12 year old division the parents don't form the raised hand bridge thing for the kids to walk under. i know, call me a curmudgeon, but i hate high fiving sweaty stranger kid hands. they can just do it themselves. independence is not over rated.
annelise scored a goal, which she credited to her lucky soccer shorts. who knew ten year olds were so superstitious?

and finally...

(is anyone still reading this?)
becky @farmgirlpaints opened her etsy shop today just in time for holiday shopping (but only until November 20th).


i feel the need for another personalized cuff. or two.

i've already been stewing on what they should say (that's the hardest part).

happy monday, and more importantly, happy veterans' day. to those who serve or have served in the military, thank you, thank you!

lowercase letters


  1. Who knew a bunny and cat could hang out?! That sure is a cute pic of them. The bunny roams free in the house? I can't show my kids that, they would totally want a bunny.

    Griffin got nerd glasses with real lenses last week, I don't get it but they seem to be popular now! He has actually been wearing them all the time so hey, whatever works. I got him the sport kind that can bend almost in half without breaking.

    1. We let the bunny roam during the day but keep him in his cage at night or if we're not home for a while or something. He's really pretty low maintenance, which surprises me.

  2. the bunny and cat picture is adorable! and the glasses with no lenses and fingerless gloves? how fun!!

  3. Now, I'm wishing I wouldn't have worn my flip flops...looking blah! haha! And BTW, love that Snowball hangs with the big dogs. He has fit in perfectly. :)


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