miscellany monday

since i blogged more last week i'm finding myself a little lean on miscellany starting out this week.

you're welcome.

annelise had her last soccer game saturday. her team fought hard but lost 3-1, oh well. we can see her skills improved overall this season plus her confidence grew as well. she was intimidated at first by the 10-12 age group at first because many of the kids were 11 or 12, but she got over it quickly.

aggressive, is what she is.

and fast.
they had a team pizza party at double dave's (yum!) after the game which was nice. they got trophies and a certificate for their overall soccer trait. hers was best offensive wing.
(she really was having fun, just caught me trying to take a photo and had to shut herself down.)

we might look into indoor soccer for the off-season, she'd like to keep her skills fresh. there's also another soccer league in our area that is more competitive than the parks and recreation that we've been doing, but it sounds like quite a commitment with two or three practices during the week and two games on the weekend. that might be too much, so we'll see.

grabbed two new books that were waiting for me on hold at the library. i started mindy kaling's book first, it's a fun quick read. her character on the office (kelly) always annoyed me (sorry) so i didn't give her new series (the mindy project) a chance--until recently on netflix--and now i love her and her project.
our home phone line went out last week for no apparent reason.

sidenote: not sure why we even have a home phone line still, except for internet.

we soon discovered the culprit.
all of our cords are now twist-tied up out of snowball's reach (except for the ones under the tv cabinet, we need to remedy that pronto).

and yes, snowball can now jump up on the chair. he wants to be just like spooky (note spooky snoozing in the background).

bunnies are funny.

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  1. I just can't get over your bunny!

    I hear you on the socer commitment . . . Luci does competitive gymnastics, practices 3 to 4 days a week in addition to her other activities and it is a huge time suck for all of us. I complain about it but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's hard to know where to draw the line though.


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