miscellany monday

well hello there thanksgiving break!

in the words of joey from friends, "how yooouu doin'?"

it was beyond nice to have a relaxing morning and not rush around doing the get ready for school shuffle. outside is cold, grey and rainy but things here inside are cozy. banana bread is baking in the oven and we're still sporting our pjs (i realize pumpkin bread might be more apropos but those bananas on the counter getting browner by the day were making me feel guilty).

annelise had hot chocolate for breakfast, but i also scrambled some eggs to balance out the marshmallows.

as you may remember (or not, it's totally a-okay), friday was my birthday. i got to celebrate it with katniss and friends at the first showing of catching fire (sooooo good!).
we scrambled out the door in a rush, as per usual, because we (and by we, i mean scott) were going to a theater a bit farther away and were worried about opening day crowds (he can't risk missing the previews, you know) (we got there like 30 minutes early, who are we?)

i totally smuggled my coffee (carefully) and a cut up apple and cheese in my purse for breakfast.

as you do.

of course the movie was awesome.

i'm nagging encouraging scott to read the books. i'm being met with resistance. sigh.

after the movie we screamed over to annelise's school for their grandparents' day program.

annelise was a mission impossible team member and got to run in shooting her nerf gun during part of the program (that part was dark, so no pics). 

she was highly excited.
the program was really cute. they played neil diamond's coming to america while the pilgrims sailed, funky drum beats when the pilgrims met the indians and zz top when the indians taught the pilgrims to hunt--wearing duck dynasty beards no less.
then there was some singing.
note annelise on the end, waving, because she is subtle that way.
after that we screamed over to the cheesecake factory for my birthday linner.
three hungry shadows.
we shared some s'more cheesecake, which was quite yummy.

the birthday girl may or may not have also taken a piece of mango key lime home with her for later.
we stretched the birthday celebrating a bit further by going out for breakfast saturday morning at the egg and i. we're all three now fans.

and in non-birthday related news…

the prodigal runner strikes again.
that's right, i ran last week.



maybe this is the start of something.



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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Holly! You're killing me with the Cheesecake Factory pic...the location near us is changing locations and hasn't re-opened yet. It's going to be a long holiday season without it. :)

    1. Thank you Anna! We were so excited when we got a CF near us but we try not to go too often, mainly for special occasions so we won't get tired of it (as if!), but still. Hope yours reopens SOON!


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