six for saturday

i've missed random blogging.

for some reason my brain starts to feel all jumbly and i feel like i have to document some of the small life happenings. isn't that what the majority of life is, small moments that accumulate?

so here are just a few randoms of late.

01.) annelise is obsessed with nerd (hipster?) glasses. i don't know why. no, she did not plan or even want to be a nerd for halloween, but she wants to wear empty nerd frames all the time.
she says that some of her friends at school wear empty frames, for fashion mom, and the teachers let them. but i'm not buying that.

02.) in case there was ever any doubt, i can over think the simplest of things.

(we kind of already knew that, didn't we?)
case in point, last week it was our turn to bring snacks for soccer practice, which, in theory, is a simple task.

i spent waaayy too much time at kroger debating the merits of pretzels versus cheez-its versus gatorade versus the much cheaper capri sun versus one snack choice versus two.

i didn't want to buy cookies, as some have done, because they also get some sort of sweet drink, and that's a lot of sweet. i also didn't want to go broke.

i settled on ritz bits with cheese and peanut butter crackers, letting them choose, and capri-suns.
i don't know why i care what a bunch of 10-12 year olds think, but apparently i do.

but not enough to buy the fancy sport top capri suns (.75 each!) or the gatorades.

03.) the girls and i met for bible study this week and surprised robyn with a few treats for her birthday.
it was fun, and quite yummy, because there were cupcakes, of course.

04.) i realize it's a bit counterproductive to talk about a healthy meal replacement shake immediately after talking about cupcakes, but there you have it.
i try to have a shakeology shake every day, usually for breakfast. they're packed with all kinds of healthy goodness, tasty and quite filling. so it's a win-win. i'd been wanting to try powdered peanut butter (less calories and sugar) in my shakes (peanut butter and chocolate, can i get an amen?) for a long time, so i was thrilled to find pb2 in the health nut section at kroger this week. yum-oh!

05.) truth be told, we were not all that down with halloween this year.

but when have we ever been?

we didn't even carve a pumpkin.

i know. lame.

but we did take two opportunities for annelise to snag some candy, and really, who am i kidding? that's what she mostly cares about anyway.

wednesday night we had a trunk or treat after church (actually, more of a table or treat since it was inside, but whatevs).

annelise decided to be a pirate, but in the end she decided to ixnay the eye patch and pirate hat, so she was something of a pirate-gypsy hybrid.
(scott took photos while i handed out candy and he doesn't necessarily like to wait for everyone to be looking in his direction.)
it rained all day thursday (seriously, lakes) so we were happy to find out the fall festival at her school (actually the church affiliated with her school) was indoors. they had lots of carnival type games and snacks, so it was fun.
(i'm currently a fan of the high top-knot slash messy bun because it's so easy and i'm so lazy.)
(even though it highlights my skunk stripe)
(maybe i was going for a lily munster slash pepe le pieu slash bride of frankenstein look?)

06.) i've drifted back to my soulmate workouts, turbofire and chalean extreme
they are my jam, the perfect mix of cardio and strength for me. i was trying to do t25, and i do like it, but i couldn't seem to make myself stick with it past the first week and i kept starting over. and over. also? i guess i lied about running #48milesinoctober since it soooo did not happen past that first run. oh well.

happy weekending!

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