Thanksgiving 2k13

We gathered at my dad and Peggy's yesterday for Thanksgiving. Last year we were at Disney over Thanksgiving and then my dad and Peggy spent Christmas and New Year's in Branson with some of their friends so it's been a while since the whole bunch has been together (and when I say bunch I mean her kids and their families).

Can I just tell y'all something? 

I am an awkward hugger.
Unless I really know you.
And want to hug you in the first place.
At best I'm a sideways hugger with a pat or a one arm awkward wrap and a pat on the back in these situations.

Peggy's family? They're big huggers.
And even smoochers.
I get tense even thinking about it.

So entrances and exits--otherwise known as hug and smooch central--are a bit awkward for me, I really just want to whisper bye and scamper out the door unnoticed.


Annelise was beside herself with glee to spend almost a whole day with Cole and Colin.
There was, of course, food, glorious food.
All of it some sort of beige.
Wait. There were peas and broccoli, but the broccoli was in cheesy casserole form so it also had a beige tint.
I did make (mix?) my Big Salad (not pictured) so there were some fresh greens too.
I hope y'all don't lose complete faith in me but I feel I must also tell you that I hate Jello salads.

Whipped. Clear. Frothy. All of them.

I'm sorry. But they are gross. Marshmallows should never be suspended, only melting in hot chocolate or smushed on my s'more.

Moving on…

In between football games (both on TV and live in the yard) I roped everyone into posing for a group shot for Peggy. 
The sun was a little harsh on a few fellas in the back row so we regrouped for a few more.
It would have been wrong not to do a silly pose.
When they weren't playing football the boys (all ages) (plus Annelise, of course) were shooting hoops (they played PIG or BOY which I guess are cousins of HORSE).

Like until dark thirty.
All in all it was a fun and relaxing day.

I do wish we would have played cards or a board game but this crowd really likes its sports (both watching and playing), so that never materialized (Peggy did mention it once but there was still some football game on TV so I think it fell on deaf ears, oh well).

Annelise was ex-HAUS-ted and even begged to sit on my lap and snooze after the boys left. What? She barely had the energy to RipStick herself home (we had schlepped over) and fell asleep immediately after her bath.

Which is the sign of a GREAT day in her book.


How was your Thanksgiving? Do tell.
What kind of hugger are you? Full frontal? Sideways? Or awkward half hug & pat like me?
What's your stance on Jello salad?
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  1. I totally agree about jello salads...I won't have anything to do with them! I've always been an awkward hugger too but think I'm finally getting more comfortable with it as I get older. There's a lady at church that gives the best hugs ever (I'm always afraid I'll start sobbing if I stay in her hugs too long) so she has really influenced me and made me want to be like that.

    1. I'm definitely more comfortable hugging people I know well, we just don't see them often enough (once, twice a year) so it's a little awkward for me.

  2. What a good looking bunch! Peggy will treasure those photos. I saw your salad in one of the pics, it looked really awesome. We had Thanksgiving with friends from church this year for a change. Our plans to go to my sister's in NC changed when we heard about the nasty weather. The hosts were in the process of moving and they still pulled off a fantastic Thanksgiving - with lots of beige food for all to enjoy. :) The movers had come on Wed. so there was NO furniture, just folding tables and chairs from the church and someone brought in a TV. I am a jell-o salad fan but only red and transparent, not green. Green and creamy won't do. Our family hugs a lot too, just in the coming and going. It's expected and everyone stands and lines up...it takes the surprise awkward feeling away, I think...but from the outside probably looks very, very awkward.

    1. Glad your change in plans worked out--even with just the basics y'all had what was most important--good friends and food. :)

      I don't mind plain colored jello occasionally but definitely not molds with stuff--makes me think of Christmas Vacation.

  3. What a beautiful family! And I must say, that dog has the most gorgeous eyes! Is that a Boxer? Can you tell I'm a Boxer fanatic?!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's JoJo, a boxer. He belongs to Peggy's son and family so she comes to visit when they do. Her eyes are stunning!


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