this. and some of that.

when annelise mentioned that today was 11.12.13 i knew i had to blog.

if not for any other reason than just to post something on this number phenom kind of day (since i usually notice these things too late, if at all).

i had bible study this morning with the girls where we chatted some and then watched one of the beth moore james lessons which was, of course, wonderful, even though a bit uncomfortable. james doesn't beat around the bush, he's rather blunt (especially in chapters three and four, well, all of the book really), hence the stepped on toes (but also nods of agreement). definitely several things to ponder on!

i popped in target on the way home, mainly for essentials like eggs (i'm hooked on making those egg breakfast muffins--we like sausage, egg and cheese, although this time i  might get crazy and add spinach, have you tried them?) and mascara (i'm going back to my true love, l'oreal double extend tubes, the maroon and white container) (yes, it's weird when you wash it off because they kind of peel off, but i like the way it fills out my lashes).

of course on my way to the grocery section i had to meander through the clothes.

as one does.

i came this close to buying one of their plaid flannel shirts.

it's unclear what came over me. i adore plaid on others but not on myself, and yet i occasionally fall victim to its siren call and am always woefully disappointed. maybe chestier women should avoid plaid? or wear it with a tank or jacket to break it up some?

i don't know. dear plaid, i wish we could be friends.

stopping by target then led to a stop by chick-fil-a for lunch since it's right there. i can't quit their asian chicken salad.

in other news,  i started reading this yesterday and have the feeling i won't be able to put it down very soon. it's set in wwi occupied france, very engrossing.
i also picked up a couple of books on hold at the library which i am anxious to dive into soon, franny and zooey by j.d. salinger and jodi picoult's new book, the storyteller.

speaking of j.d. salinger, i watched a documentary on netflix (appropriately titled, salinger) last week and ended up being fascinated yet somewhat disturbed by some of the things i learned about him.

in other non-literary news, annelise is obsessed, obsessed i tell you, by the cup song.

cups are a-flying over here. the song is a-playing on repeat. she's a-clapping and a-tapping her brains out.

it's not annoying at all.

and because i love y'all, i feel the need to share so i won't be the only one going cray-cray.


p.s. is the no capital thing annoying? i'm thinking maybe it is. i know it's a writing *style* or something, but it's starting to bug even me.


  1. personally, i LOVE the no caps. i know it probably drives some people wild when they read my blog but it just seems so much easier to knock a post out when you don't have to mess with silly capitalization. :)

  2. oooh, my daughter was singing that one the other day!! I am so out of it just listening to my 80's radio station!! i've learned a couple new fads lately-the fox song and the wobble. pretty funny what catches peoples fancy!

    ps-i agree, i like no caps at times for blogs and texts


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