Five for Friday {The Almost Christmas & I Sorta Met Pioneer Woman Edition}

01.) Earlier this week the Girls and I (of course we were missing our out of town Girls terribly!) celebrated Pink Christmas. What in the world is Pink Christmas, MB, you might be thinking. Well. It's an almost annual event (I think we've only missed one or two in the last nine-ish years or so) where we, the Flamingos, celebrate Christmas the best way…with PINK. Some years are elaborate and others are simple, and both ways are just fine.

This year Kim found out that Ree, otherwise known as The Pioneer Woman, was coming to Houston Tuesday night to sign her latest cookbook.


We were so down for that.

She's been here before for some of her previous books but none of us had ever been to one of her signings.

It was time to remedy that.

Even though it meant driving across Houston in evening rush hour traffic (thanks Heather!)

We were color group grey, which was way after all of ROY G. BIV and a few of his colorful friends, so we picked up our books at Will Call and they told us to check back in 2 hours.
We ventured over here for supper.
And, most importantly, we shared a piece of Godiva cheesecake.

And all was right with the world.
Upon returning to the bookstore, somewhere around 9:20ish, we were immediately ushered inside.

The next three to six minutes were a complete blur.

I do remember a few things:

Those bookstore workers sure know how to move rush people through a signing.

Ree is adorable and warm and extremely gracious (she'd been signing since 6:00 and it was pushing 9:30 with more groups after us).

She said we were cute.


I seriously coveted her amazing Old Gringo boots.

I could think of absolutely nothing to say and only managed to smile like a loon, giggle and then finally mustered up this profound statement before being shooed on by the bookstore people…

"Congratulations on all of your success!"

Memorable. I know.

But like I said, Ree was beyond gracious and I'm sure used to inane comments from her legion of fans.
(Her boots--see, I did not lie--amazing!)
(I couldn't find my pink boa so my fake fur vest had to pinch hit.)
(After selfie, still on a Ree high.)
02.) I went to Hobby Lobby for some yarn and came out with a basket full. 

Apparently I was feeling crafty.

Who am I?

(I'm crafty in my mind but I usually suck at follow through.)
03.) Some days you just need to poke gum drops into foam trees.
Can I get an amen?

Crafty side note truth: I love this craft because it's mindless. Also? After buying four peskily small bags of gum drops at my nemesis, CVS, and poking, poking, poking, someone lost interest and decided her 1/4 still bare tree is perfectly fine just the way it is and told me to just turn the bare spot to the back. Works for me.

04.) So now that the burlap trend is almost surely over I finally decided to make a wreath.
One side is loose-y goose-y and the other side is rather tight and clenched. The perfectionist inside of me called for a do-over but the lazy side of me ignored her.

I do like how you can easily change the decorative doo-dads for the seasons, this is Christmas/winter and should carry me at least into February.

My lazy side is thrilled.

05.) Do you love Straight No Chaser as much as we do?

That's Annelise's favorite.

Here's my Merry & Bright playlist too. (What should I add? I'm always up for new tracks!)



  1. So much fun! I would love meeting PW in person. Every time you write about your friends, I get inspired to take the iniative and plan something fun with girlfriends here. We are all so busy but it's just so important to have that time. Love your burlap wreath!

    1. Thanks Anna! It was fun but such a whirlwind once we got inside the bookstore. She had to have been exhausted but was still very kind and friendly. I LOVE and treasure my time with my girls--time with them to talk and laugh makes a HUGE difference in my overall mood-- you know? I hope you can make some time with your girls SOON!

      I can't believe I actually finished a craft--thank you!

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  3. I think I might have snorted before saying, "I've been reading you since the beginning and you even commented back to me once." I'm sure she was thinking....LIAR! hahaha!! So much fun....and that Godiva cheesecake....I can't even think about it. We must go get another one asap! Love you!

    1. It was SO much fun!! And what you said was perfect!

      When can we go get cheesecake again???? Bring it! :)


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