miscellany monday

so it's december 9th and we still only have lights on our tree.
it's actually rather peaceful.

at least that's what I'm telling myself. hopefully we'll hang the ornaments and scatter some christmas cheer around the house this week.
i managed to get three, count them, three, runs in last week before the bitter cold front hit. considering three weekday runs is better than my previous record i'm choosing to be thrilled.  running, along with a couple t25 workouts and slightly cleaner eating have left me feeling much, much better.

this happened last week as well.
i was embarrassingly overdue for a pedicure, i think my last one was sometime in august.


lincoln park after dark seemed fitting.

this new stack of literary goodness (well, hopefully they're good) came home with me last week.

i've started night film which is a thriller and like it so far.
scott and i bundled up friday morning and headed out for an early bird movie date followed by lunch at our favorite mediterranean place.

we saw dallas buyers club with a skeletal matthew mcconaughey. not to justify, because parts of the movie are really too explicit, but the story was really moving and powerful. and matthew is still matthew, skeletal or not, but this time he acted his bongo off.

now that my hair is long enough to pull up i am a huge fan of the high bun slash topknot. i don't know if it's the most flattering style for me personally but i've admired it on others and it's quick and i'm lazy.

and yes, i'm wearing fake fur, plaid and red lipstick.

it's like i don't know who i am anymore.

three cold hands clutching festive and most importantly, warm cups of goodness (hot chocolate for scott and annelise and coffee for me).
we had an unplanned photo session for our christmas card yesterday after church and lunch.

sometimes it's best not to over think these things. we were all *together* in somewhat coordinated outfits and it wasn't too bitterly cold, so we went for it.

and yes, we are as timely as always.

those of you who mailed your cards out the day after thanksgiving can suck it.

(and so can the elf who never sits on his shelf.)


(no offense, both type a early planner birds and slothful type b procrastinators make the world go 'round, right?)

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  1. This post makes me laugh!! :)

    (I hope that reads that I'm saying you are funny and not that the post is laughable...)

    Also, I really like your red lipstick (I'm not that brave) and topknot (my hair's too short at the moment). Very chic!

  2. It's embarrassing the groups of people that are angering me this year. I don't think Christmas Cards are going to happen, not even for next year. I have one tree. Who needs a tree in every room? Seriously? We have an Elf and thankfully he's completely laid back, and thankfully so are the kiddos. Family Pictures? No way. No how. I have been taking one kidlet at a time out in the front yard and snapping a few pictures so MAYBE I can get the annual Grandparents Calendar done. But they really don't need it until the 1st of January and that's a more realistic deadline.


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