what i wore: faux fur & high buns

this week could be summed up with two words: 

faux fur and high buns.

(hair buns, that is. maybe i should call them top knots?)

okay, that's actually four words, but you know what i mean.

when i find something i like, whether clothes or jewelry or food or whatever, i tend to get a little obsessed.

as you will soon see for yourself.

we had a bitter cold spell hit friday so i decided that was the perfect reason to try out my new faux fur vest.

and some plaid, fringe boots and even some red lipstick, because, well, why not?
plaid shirt and fur vest: forever 21
jeans: vigoss, nordstrom
 fringe boots: sam edelman, neiman marcus, last call
earrings: kendra scott
necklaces: twisted silver
leather cuff: farmgirl paints
saturday called for another high bun, because it's easy and i'm lazy.

i think vests, whether fur, army, or puffer are awesome because they are an easy layer, they keep your core warm and most importantly, they're fun and versatile.
striped t & puffer vest (with faux fur trim no less!): gap
jeans: vigoss, nordstrom
fringe scarf: kiki la rue
boots: sam edelman, nordstrom
earrings: kendra scott
after two days in a row of a high bun and some sort of vest i decided to go for three.

again, why not?

except for sunday i added a headband.

i know!

it may have been just this side of too much, but then again, why not?
black dress & tights: old navy
denim shirt: gap
faux fur vest: forever 21
frye jane boots: zappos
kimberly necklace: stella & dot
hoop earrings: stella & dot 
bangles: kendra scott
headband: anthropologie
why am i looking down at the ground all the time? i have no idea. i guess i thought it was artsy or something.

so in summary,

i am currently obsessed with vests, faux fur and high buns.

(hair buns, that is.)

and i find the ground highly interesting.

happy wednesday, y'all!
pleated poppy

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  1. You are so stinkin cute! I love your outfit. I love see the outfits recommended by Scheaffer and Shay on other people! I now think I need to find a puffer vest!

  2. I totally understood what you meant by high buns :) I'm just waiting for the day my hair is long enough to pull off a high bun! Dropping by from the Random Wednesday Linkup!

    <3 Vicki


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