what i wore

only two outfits this week to share, so this should be short and sweet.

both of them involve layers, denim, leggings and leopard in some form.

wearing leggings as pants but not really pants, pants (because #leggingsarenotpants) is still fairly new for me.

i mean, i did this in the late 80s with stirrup pants but, you know, time has marched on (and hopefully has not been marching across my face--name that movie) and i want to be mostly age-appropriate.

are you picking up what i'm throwing down?

but i think women of all ages can wear leggings with layers and/or longer tunics and adding a tall boot really takes the outfit up a notch.

just make sure your nethers (both sides) have adequate coverage.


a saturday outing for a special holiday mugs and muffins called for layers with my leggings.
long cardigan : nordstrom
hue leggings : nordstrom
denim tunic : j. crew factory
nude tank : loft
leopard scarf : h&m
frye paige boots : zappos
key necklace : twisted silver
green earrings : stella & dot
bangles : kendra scott
sunday called for leggings again, but with a slightly different twist.
striped tunic & boyfriend sweater : target
hue leggings : nordstrom
denim shirt : gap
leopard flats : nordstrom
earrings : silpada
necklaces : j. crew factory (clear crystal) & nordstrom (grey & yellow)
stretch crystal bracelet : groop dealz
silver & pearl bracelet : twisted silver
stripes and leopard?

why not?

happy wednesday, y'all!
pleated poppy

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  1. I am loving all things chambray this season! Very cute outfits! And I think the movie is Steel Magnolias - one of my favs(: Susan

    1. Thank you Susan! Denim is one of my steady faces, both shirts and jeans.

      Yes, that was from Steel Magnolias, I think Truvy said it. :)

  2. Adorable outfits ... especially liking the first one.. with the touch of leopard on the scarf! ...visiting from WIWW

    1. Thanks for stopping by Celia! Leopard is a favorite for sure--so fun.

  3. Visiting from Random Wednesday and really like both of your outfits! I am definitely picking up what you're putting down about stirrup pants and the 80s. It's hard to believe when things have been out of style for long enough to come BACK in style, but your looks are very flattering and current so I'd say you succeeded in being age appropriate and just looking stylish period!
    On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks so much! I definitely don't miss stirrup pants--I can't believe they were as popular as they were with the uncomfortable strap under your foot.

  4. You look very cute in both look. My fave is the stripes. Love the accessories you paired with the outfit! Stopping by from Get Your Pretty On. XO!


    1. Thank you Whitney! Stripes are fun aren't they? I'm a big fan of mostly simple outfits and piling on the accessories. :)

  5. Love both looks. I love the necklace but I love all statement necklaces :-)
    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

    1. Thanks Tracy! I love statement necklaces too. I just discovered how fun it is to layer them--oh my!

  6. Both of your outfits are totally awesome!! You have such great style! Love all the layers and how you wore leggings so modestly and classy. :) You are so gorgeous.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Callie--made my day! :) Layers are my favorite (at least when it's cold).

  7. Yes, boy do I remember stirrups and I DON'T miss them! These leggings or jeggings look great especially with the longer tank/tunic and the mixing of the animal prints - Brava! Hopped over from Get Your Pretty On - have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Thank you Antoinette! Leggings are so comfy, I hope they never go out of style--as long as they're are worn the right way of course! :)


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