miscellany monday

a few randoms of late…

the girls and i are starting a new bible study. 

i'm sorry to admit that we abandoned mercy triumphs: a study of james, by beth moore after letting it drag on just this side of forever. we only had two lessons left, but had pretty much lost our mojo. no offense to james.

hangs head in shame.

but sometimes you just need a fresh start, you know?
we decided to try one of priscilla shirer's studies and it is proving to be quite thought provoking so far.

(one week in.)
sonic selfie.

you know how it is.
what is your position on heavily distressed jeans?

i guess people either love them or hate them.

i, of course, love them to pieces.

(hee, hee… see what i did there?)

this is my most distressed pair.

and it's my favorite.

but then i wore them to church last week (wednesday night) and wondered if maybe i was being disrespectful with all my ripped-ness. 

i still think they're cute.

i may or may not have worn them four days in a row last week.

shut it.

this happened thursday night:
we all loved it!

a perfect blend of laughter, memories, tears and bigger than life personalities.

now i want to learn more about p.l. travers' life and read her mary poppins books.

we tried to take a selfie in the sleet as we left the theater.

then the ice-pocolypse hit later that night which led to chaos on our houston freeways friday morning.

we don't do ice.

or snow.

yet we think we can.

big mistake.

thankfully scott was able to work from home and avoided the icy overpasses and such.

annelise had late arrival two hours later than normal, which made for a bit of a sleep-in but not much and actually threw our morning routine off. we thought we had all this extra time and then still found ourselves rushing around like crazy to not be late at 9:50.

friday evening called for cozy comfort food in the form of taco soup and catching up with american idol on the dvr.

sidenote: we broke up with idol last season because of all the weirdness and drama but now all is right with the world because j lo is back, keith urban is a dreamy doll with incredible hair and my guy harry, well, is totes ma goats.
is it just me or are y'all in love with harry connick jr. too?

i've always, always loved him, both his music and his acting (hope floats, anyone?) (but not creepy guy harry in copycat), and just his general cool guy style, but now i love him even more as a judge on american idol.

he's got just the right amount of wry humor and straight-shooting music advice.

love. him.

what's some of your miscellany of late?


  1. I even loved him in copycat! Harry's awesome & did you know he's really tall & just massive(ly) hot?! I met him after one of his shows in 1999 & his presence is just huge! I'll be a fan for life ;)

    I'm also on the yea side of distressed jeans! Have a good week!

  2. LOVE Harry... LOVE
    Saw him on my 32 birthday- just weeks before giving birth to Trent. I was massively huge & walked up & down flights of stairs in the arena- totally worth it.
    Also- love. the. jeans.
    I had a pair similar in college & had them on the day I met my (didn't know then) future sister in law. She wasn't at all impressed & asked my then boyfriend (now husband) if I needed money for a new pair of jeans. CAT FIGHT- JK.
    Good to know- we have completely different style.
    I adore your bible study buddies- you guys are so cool.

  3. Hope Floats still makes me cry Every. Single. Time.

    Saving Mr. Banks was Griffin's 1st PG-13 movie. I am glad I took him, we loved it.

    So funny about the jeans and church. Sunday we overslept and missed the service but made it in time for Sunday school (our Sunday school hour is after church, which still feels very strange...) and Luci begged to wear jeans. She was shocked when I said yes. I figured why not? I would definitely never allow that for church. I have seen kids do it and I don't think it's appropriate and I know our priest doesn't either. Luci has been told not to wear open toed shoes when she serves so I know jeans would be a no-no. But for a Wednesday night or Sunday school...why not?!

  4. My husband has agreed that Harry can be my second husband (once Harry and Jill are no longer together), and that I'm allowed to marry him 3 days after he dies. I told him that might conflict with his funeral, so I would wait 5 to be sure. Harry is just so funny and easy on the eyes!


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