Ringy, Ding, Ding for 2014

First of all, we are not New Year's Eve party people. Given my druthers I'd choose to be in my pjs (big surprise) at home. However my people would choose to be social, so whatever.

The Flamingos and their respective offspring and spouses had so much fun ringing in 2013 together last year at Pat and Robyn's house, we decided a repeat performance was in order to welcome in twenty-fourteen.

I even wore sequins. What?
I think we had every form and state of cheese available, which is important.
But hey, there were some veggies for balance.
The kids occupied themselves for hours upon hours with trampoline jumping, hide and seek, Wizard of Oz viewing while the moms chatted and laughed for hours and the menfolk could be found gathered around a few iPhones intensely watching the A&M football game on ESPN.
Sparklers were lit a little early because a few of the littles were getting sleepy.
We watched the ball drop in NYC then broke out the party hats, noise makers and party poppers a little later on Central Standard time.
We finished up the night (morning?) with Catch Phrase and more laughter before scooping up the sleeping kids (actually Annelise, Kamri and Kaci (though she had a mid evening nap) were the only kids still standing) and heading home a little after 3:00 a to the m.


Of course I had shouted from the rooftops to my people that we were NOT staying late and no way no how were were going to top last year's record (2:30ish) because last year had ruined me the next day.

Of course I had to eat crow.

Annelise slept until 2:00ish on New Year's Day (what?) and was still feeling sluggish later.

My dad and Peggy invited us over for football viewing and a late lunch of yummy black eyed peas, cabbage and so forth which was a treat for sure.
Here's to plenty of good luck and wealth for 2014!

(Either way, I love black eyed peas.)

Happy New Year, y'all!

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  1. It was so much fun! Loved ringing in the new year with y'all. I mean we are such party animals..... LOL!


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