Five for Friday

01.) Annelise had Monday off from school so we did the only logical thing.

We slept late (well, at least later than normal with no alarms set) and went out for breakfast.

She had to bring her Rainbow Loom inside with her because she was in the middle of some crucial looming and that just. can't. wait.

Sidenote: I absolutely love the creativity of Rainbow Loom but am up to here with all the thousands of bands here, there and everywhere despite my best efforts to corral them.
We've always been fans of IHOP (as you know) but we've recently discovered a new-to-us place, The Egg and I.

Do y'all have one of those? If you do I highly recommend you visit post haste.
And yes, I got the same exact breakfast I ordered the Friday before on my date with Scott because it's truly scrumptious (it's called the Athena Scramble, if you're ever so inclined). Annelise got the Patriot waffle combo and ate almost the entire thing.

02.) I couldn't resist taking a mirror selfie with Snowball the other day (well, actually Annelise snapped it because my hands were full of rabbit).
He was at first intrigued by the sight of another rabbit in the mirror, like maybe he'd have a friend after all (seeing as we have absolutely no plans of getting another one ever), then he moved on to feeling cheated.

He's such a sweet rabbit but we've had to confine him more to his cage or behind the baby gate in our morning room because it's a tile floor and much easier to clean up (he'd been having accidents, possibly intentional ones, on our family room rug). He's semi-litter boxed trained but not when he's out of his cage. We need to be more disciplined with his litter box training but he's hard to catch to get him back to his box when given free reign.

03.) After our breakfast date Annelise and got our craft on in the form of subway art slash collage canvases.

I'd been itching to make some ever since reading about Shannon's obsession with them.

You need:

a blank canvas (Michael's coupons, FTW!)
scrapbook paper or magazine pictures
vinyl stick-on letters (from the hardware store, not scrapbook letters, they need to peel off easily)
Mod Podge, craft paint and foam brush

You also need to think of a word or short phrase that makes you happy because you're about to make a slight commitment to it.

Here's Annelise's project in progress:
And her final result after peeling the letters off and a final layer of Mod Podge.
Annelise chose neon pink which required eleventy thousand coats plus an in-between coat of regular hot pink and still shows some of the patterned paper through it.

Imperfections are a-okay.

Wonky is where it's at.

I've never worked with Mod Podge without getting bubbles, so you just have to embrace this imperfection. There might also be paint that got under the letters or maybe the letters pulled off a bit of paint or paper when you pull them off.

You've got to let it go man.

Here's  my finished canvas:
(I love the song Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.)

I was stubborn and determined to cram my "wandering" on there, so therefore it looks smushed.

I'm debating going back to outline the letters with a black Sharpie define it better since the patterned paper is, um...shall I say busy?

These things are addictive. I've already bought a few more canvases for whenever future creative urges strike.

04.) ?

The blinking cursor is mocking me and for the life of me I can't come up with two more things to finish Five for Friday.

So be it.

Happy weekend, y'all!


O Blog, Blog, Wherefore Art Thou?

I've somehow fallen into this pattern of only posting once a week.

It's not my favorite.

Not that I've ever really followed an established pattern or blogged daily but once just isn't enough to get all of my randoms out.

So, in an effort to catch up...

We made the same easy peasy  semi-DIY valentines that we've made since kindergarten. Every year we talk (briefly) about coming up with something new but then say, "Nah," and knock these out instead.

Lazy. Is what we are.
This year though, since she's at a new school, her friends were all surprised and seemed to like it. No one else in her class made a homemade or semi-homemade valentine. What's up with that?

I spent a hefty portion of last Thursday baking heart shaped sugar cookies for Annelise's grade level valentine party last Friday. I used Betty Crocker's mixes and my long forgotten cookie press because I'm lazy and couldn't get fired up about starting from scratch (even though they're better) rolling out dough and using cookie cutters.

I really never want to see another heart shaped sugar cookie for a good long while.
And then, in a stellar example of quality communication, I arrived to the party to see that the other mom had bought round sugar cookies from Sam's for the kids to decorate.

That was fun.

But we totally used those instead because they were bigger and easier for them to decorate. I just wish she had let me know.

Fourth grade rotated through different classrooms for snacks, games and crafts, spending about fifteen minutes in each room. The kids thought it was fun but I had to stay and help in her class with the food and missed out seeing the other activities.

As Sally said in the pumpkin patch, "I've been robbed!"

Not really, but I was really, really tired of watching batches of 9-10 year olds use community cans of vanilla icing to frost their cookies (shudder) and stabbing fruit to make kebabs. However, I did get good at giving my best stink eye to a few groups of too cool for school boys that kept acting up.

So my cookies were a bust but I mixed up some valentine snack mix with pretzels, m&ms, strawberry mini wheats and vanilla chex which was a hit with the kids. It was fun to walk around scooping out mix and chatting with them (at least most of them, a few had 'tudes).

Earlier that morning, Scott and I went our for breakfast at our new-to-us favorite haunt, The Egg and I, after dropping off our little valentine at school.
Scott got french toast (yawn) but I got something called the Athena scramble that had eggs, asparagus, mushrooms and feta. Does life get any better? I'm not sure. It also came with ranch potatoes, sausage and an english muffin.

Yumtastic. Is what it was.
Are you sitting down? Good. After breakfast we toted my never used golf clubs (an anniversary present from Scott five years ago that has just been collated dust) out to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls.

As one does.

We had to take the plastic off the handle grips.

My first few swings were really good (surprise!) and I hit the balls fairly far but then Scott started giving me advice.

It slowly went downhill from there.

Well, not really, but it did suck the fun out of it a bit. I started thinking too much about my swing and following through and keeping my arms straight and getting under the ball to scoop it up and holding my club like an egg and so forth and so on.

I got a blister.

But overall it was fun. And it made Scott happy to share his golf side with me. I don't necessarily see myself playing a full round of golf anytime soon, there's soooo much to think about--how would I ever get my ball to the hole?

And in other random news...
Technology is my favorite when it brings a faraway friend into the living room for bible study. So cool!
This moment of temporary  happiness brought to you by Sonic happy hour drinks and tater tots.
Baking Pappo's birthday cookies (earlier this month) got off to bit of a rocky start.
Earlier this month I cleaned out my side of the closet (yay!)  which yielded a huge bag for Goodwill and freed up some much needed space. I picked up these velvet-y hangers at Stein Mart to replace my cheap plastic hangers that my wider necked clothes always fall off of. I'm hoping they will not only hold my clothes better but also make better use of space because they are thinner, plus the colors are fun. It feels rather indulgent to buy fancier hangers but I'm fed up with everything falling off into a heap.

Do you have a favorite hanger? I've heard about Huggable hangers and might pick up some of them to try (although I think they are fairly similar to these).

And that, my friends, is that.

It's good to be back in touch with my blog.

And with y'all.



Coal Miner's Daughter: A Cure for Whatever Ails You

This morning was a little rough.

Long division and searching for a plain red paper bag with handles in the last two minutes before having to scream over to school should never be attempted before coffee.

Of course she reminded me about the red bag yesterday afternoon but what with cooking dinner and preparing for our marriage class and then not getting home until 10:00, we just didn't had have time to shop for a bag for her valentines.

Oh the humanity.

So that left me to scrounge around upstairs like a mad woman to see what I could come up with this morning.

My scavenger hunt yielded three options:

1.) a hot pink bag

2.) a gift bag with a big red heart on it

3.) a plain beige bag that I told her she could decorate with red

She chose the hot pink bag but felt a tad cheated just the same.

She didn't say anything but I think she thinks her hot pink bag will stand out too much and the kids will tease her or something.


It settles in young.

On one hand I say celebrate originality but on the other I ever so slightly hope a much more together mom sent in an extra plain red bag or two to share with the kids of lame mom's like me.

I arrived back home after drop-off feeling bad about not only the bag debacle but the rushing and the harsh words said in frustration over the last minute changing of shirts (oh how I miss uniforms!!) and the hunt for a Texas history review sheet to do the only logical thing.

Settle in with a cup of coffee, a brownie and Coal Miner's Daughter on the DVR.

Don't hate.

Somedays you just need a little Loretta and Doo, country music and a good cry.


Go Rest High Upon That Mountain

My heart is so heavy for a dear friend of mine and her sweet family. This past year, well actually the past handful of years due to the passing of other loved ones, has been very difficult for Heather and her family. I've been awed time after time by her strength, her giving spirit, her ability to smile and encourage others while her heart is breaking and most importantly, her depth of love for her family and for Jesus.

Her sweet daddy, Gordon, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) early last year and his health spiraled downhill rapidly. The angels carried him home last Thursday morning.

While there is comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain or frustrated at not being able to do everyday things because his body was betraying him, and while there is rejoicing that he is with Jesus, there is still much sadness and heartache.
The Flamingos, along with their respective spouses and a few offspring, gathered in Smithville over the weekend to be with Heather and go to the visitation and funeral service.

It was a beautiful service.

If you didn't know who Gordon Doty was or what he stood for (faith in Jesus, loving his family and hard work) you quickly figured it out.

From the overflowing pews to the lines of people standing along the walls to the photo slideshow packed with love and precious memories of a life well lived and well loved by family and dear friends. From the heartfelt tribute written by Macy (his 11 year old granddaughter) to the powerful and touching speech given by Reid (his 17 year old grandson). From the rows filled with Smithville's Volunteer Firefighters all in uniform to his son Mitch's basketball team from Bellville, all decked out together in their red track suits, to show their support and respect to their coach's father, whom they hadn't met, but because they respected the son he raised so much maybe they did know Gordon after all. 

And then there were the songs.

The beautiful songs.

This one brought chills.

And tears.
Gordon loved to sing, especially worship and praise songs. I remember my first visit to Smithville in 2009 and seeing Gordon's pure joy in leading singing for the residents at their nursing home and then during church services. He used his gifts to glorify God and others so well. Even in his later days he was still praising Jesus and when other words might fail him he was still able to sing many of his beloved hymns.

I want to be like that.

I'm so thankful for the example of love and faith I've witnessed through Heather and her family at all times, whether from the top of the mountain or looking up from the dark valleys.

I want to be like that.

The sight of all. of, those. cars being led through town by the Smithville Volunteer Fire Department trucks with their lights flashing, was beautiful. And sobering. They blocked off streets and stood at attention as the procession drove slowly by, pausing near the fire station to ring the alarm sirens for Gordon, lowering the flag to half mast and giving Gordon's wife, Lynn, a thoughtful plaque.

Gordon Doty, even with his life cut short, touched a lot of lives.

I want to be like that.

While I hate the circumstances, I am thankful The Flamingos got to spend time together, especially those from up north (but we missed you Lyndsey!).
Okay, these kids are huge. Stop it!
"How great is the love that the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God."
1 John 3:1
We love you Heather!!

And on a much, much lighter note...
This is how my girl does road trips.

Can you say too much???
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