Coal Miner's Daughter: A Cure for Whatever Ails You

This morning was a little rough.

Long division and searching for a plain red paper bag with handles in the last two minutes before having to scream over to school should never be attempted before coffee.

Of course she reminded me about the red bag yesterday afternoon but what with cooking dinner and preparing for our marriage class and then not getting home until 10:00, we just didn't had have time to shop for a bag for her valentines.

Oh the humanity.

So that left me to scrounge around upstairs like a mad woman to see what I could come up with this morning.

My scavenger hunt yielded three options:

1.) a hot pink bag

2.) a gift bag with a big red heart on it

3.) a plain beige bag that I told her she could decorate with red

She chose the hot pink bag but felt a tad cheated just the same.

She didn't say anything but I think she thinks her hot pink bag will stand out too much and the kids will tease her or something.


It settles in young.

On one hand I say celebrate originality but on the other I ever so slightly hope a much more together mom sent in an extra plain red bag or two to share with the kids of lame mom's like me.

I arrived back home after drop-off feeling bad about not only the bag debacle but the rushing and the harsh words said in frustration over the last minute changing of shirts (oh how I miss uniforms!!) and the hunt for a Texas history review sheet to do the only logical thing.

Settle in with a cup of coffee, a brownie and Coal Miner's Daughter on the DVR.

Don't hate.

Somedays you just need a little Loretta and Doo, country music and a good cry.


  1. This is Kim and Griffin every morning before school. The social worker in me wants to yell at her (calmly) that she needs to start where he is and go from there. He has conformity issues and axiety about being late for school (never late yet and made it to 4th grade so far) and it makes for rushed mornings. But I tell you, the afternoons from 3:00 to 9:00 (or later) feel like a second job to me.

  2. You are an awesome momma! Hang in there...the coffee will kick in soon. :) Personally, I think the hot pink bag will rock it..

    Oh, my all time fav as well...Doo, you ain't nothin' but a big ole bear....


  3. Well, you had me at long division but I can relate to this kind of day. It sounds like you needed that little escape, glad you treated yourself.


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