Five for Friday

01.) I'm afraid my #46milesinmarch running streak may be screeching to a halt, seeing as I've only run once this week.
But that's okay.

I'm not totally throwing in the towel, maybe I'll rack up a few more miles before March waves her goodbye.

That said, I have managed to fit in three P90X3 workouts this week (Total Synergistics, Agility X (wow!) and Yoga X) and must confess I am highly impressed with the program so far. Tony Horton and his team pack a LOT into 30 minutes. I'm talking Serious. Sweat. People.

The workouts incorporate lots of multiple muscle group moves along with moves that target your balance and core, so you're working hard all over, more than you might think (see above, serious sweat note).

And just when you think you can't take any more you realize you only have three minutes left, so YAY! Time flies.

02.) Yesterday marked my eighth dance recital meeting.
And no, my tolerance for dance moms has not gotten better over time.

At least certain bossy or know-it-all types. 

But speaking of dance, it's getting harder each year to force gently encourage Annelise to continue. The spring recital followed by a summer break usually revives her flagging spirit, but right now we're in the trenches. She loves jazz and most of tap but barely tolerates ballet, no matter how much we remind her how dancing helps strengthen her skills for other athletics (the whole yin-yang thing I guess). Of course I don't want to force her to go if she truly hates it, but I don't want her to quit and regret it later. So I'm sticking my head in the sand and ignoring her whines of woe.

At least for the foreseeable future.

03.) Scott and I had a breakfast date this morning at one of our favorite places.
I got the Athena scramble for the third time in a row because I am nothing if not predictable. Who can resist scrambled eggs, asparagus, feta cheese and mushrooms? Not I, said the fly.

04.) I had a conference with Annelise's teacher this week, not for any particular reason or issue (thank goodness!) but I guess it's a required thing in the fall and the spring. Each time we've met, Mrs. Beaty has said the most beautiful prayer before our chat. I love that! What a blessing! I've found myself a little teary (what?!) after listening to her thoughtful, grace filled words. I wish I could pray like that.

It was encouraging to hear her thoughts about Annelise's strengths, her learning style, her independence and vibrant personality (which can often result in demerits). This has been a challenging school year in some ways (new school, more rigorous curriculum) but under Mrs. Beaty's  firm but loving wings Annelise has thrived.
(random bunny photo op, you know how it is)

05.) Okay, I know this is so last Friday by now, but I don't care. 

I mean, it's KEVIN BACON paying homage to Ren, dancing, acid washed jeans, cassette tapes and teenage angst all in four minutes of awesomeness on the Tonight Show thirty years after Footloose.
Kevin, you had me at jump back.


You've still got it.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. I loved seeing Kevin re-enact his Footloose routine and cannot believe he's 54! He looks the same (better really). I love Jimmy Fallon!


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