Six for Saturday

01.) I'm not sure why, but it feels rather loser-esque to be blogging on a Saturday night.

02.) Not that we're big Saturday night paint-the-towners like, ever, so I can't quite put my finger on the reason typing out randomy-randoms feels more lame than usual.

03.) Scott came home from work early on Thursday and we three went to see the Lego movie.
And everything was awesome! (that's a song from the movie)

Normally, I am not a fan of 3D movies. Call me a old fogey but I think 3D is totally unnecessary except maybe in small doses and an entire movie with all that depth weirdness and things flying out all the time at you is just too much. We didn't want to wait for the next showing so I had to suck it up and put on those dorky glasses. Thankfully, I didn't get a headache, which is always a fear of mine.

The movie was cute and had a good message, plus, we love, love, LOVE legos.

04.) Later that evening I dragged my people out of the house to go on a run slash bike ride to keep my #46milesinmarch momentum going.
We definitely need to do that more often!

Annelise was on high coyote alert (there were none) and quite whiny at times about the cold wind but she soldiered on bravely.

05.) She got the brilliant idea to re-organize her million Rainbow Loom bands into separate colors, which they once were for approximately ten seconds six months ago, and since then it's been something of a free for all.
As you can see she made some progress with the blue bands.

Shortly after this photo was snapped she lost all interest in her project, as ten year olds are wont to do, and for the rest of the day we were walking over piles of mixed up bands.

And her nerd glasses (revamped 3D glasses, we kept them, shhhh) obviously helped with sorting yet not quite enough to inspire her to finish.

06.) So we never really watched the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, because, well, yawn. We rarely watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because, well, late night (although we adore Jimmy, he's not only hilarious he seems like a genuinely nice guy).

Now that Jimmy in hosting The Tonight Show we've set a timer to record it and then Scott and I watch together at some point and catch up.

Y'all have probably seen this photobomb stunt by now but I'm still posting it just in case you missed it because not only is there Jimmy, there's Don Draper (swoon) (Jon Hamm) being goofy, which, you know, is adorable.

(Why couldn't they have done this when we were there in September?!?!?)
Aren't they the cutest?!


Happy Saturday, y'all!

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  1. I was exactly the same way with Jay Leno and even Late Night, but I record the Tonight Show every night now and watch it the next day...I adore Jimmy Fallon!!!


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