The Short List

01.) Last week I got a little closer to my #46milesinmarch goal, which feels good. I managed to run/walk five days and have racked up 30 miles so far.
I didn't run over the weekend like I had hoped and also skipped yesterday but I'm planning to get back to it later today. Even if I can't fit in 16 miles between now and the end of March (which, let's face it, is a stretch) I'm not going to beat myself up because working toward something is better than doing nothing at all.

02.) Last week also yielded some awesome mail.
I've been using Shakeology fairly regularly but had run out. I've always gotten chocolate but this time I'm trying the vanilla, which is quite yummy.

I usually have a shake for breakfast or mid-morning snack but had gotten waaayy out of the habit over the last couple of months. It feels great to get back in the habit.

Y'all know I'm a true blue fan of the Beachbody home fitness DVD programs (at least the ones we've tried). P90X is awesome but a drawback is the time factor as most of the workouts are an hour or more. We were thrilled to hear they were coming out with P90X3 which compacts new challenging workouts into only 30 minutes.

30 minutes!

That's awesome!

I did my first workout (Total Synergistics) yesterday and loved it. It was a total body workout that was challenging but I enjoyed the variety of exercises packed into just 30 minutes. The time flew by, plus Tony Horton is a hoot!

03.) We had a fun night at the Kemah Boardwalk Friday evening thanks to the generosity of our sweet friends.
04.) Annelise had her first soccer game of the new season bright and early Saturday morning. They changed the age divisions (again) so she is back with the 9-10 year olds. There are several kids on the team that she's played with before and we love her coach (he's the epitome of calm), so all is well.
(She's #8)
We celebrated her return to soccer (and ignored her team's defeat) at IHOP after the game.
05.) And finally, there's this...
Annelise had been saving her money (a generous portion of which came from pet sitting for our neighbors) for a while for a new guitar and Saturday she pulled the trigger.

Now we must get her some lessons muy pronto before my ears bleed out.

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  1. Nice job on the running! Whenever I fall short of my goal I remind myself that at least I did more than if I stayed in bed or stayed home and ate cookies. (I'll bet you'll make your goal though!)
    You'll have to post about how you like the 30 min. P90X...I've seen the commercials and it looks doable.


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