Easter: Version 2K14

Sometime during my upper elementary childhood (or possibly even earlier, I'm fuzzy with the details), my mom rather arbitrarily decided I was too old for easter baskets filled with treats.

And that was that.

No more chocolate bunnies or plastic eggs.

I'm still a little bitter.

Maybe she truly thought I was too old or maybe she just didn't feel like shopping that year, I don't know.

Based on my cruel experience (yes, I'm exaggerating) I am in no hurry to rip treat filled easter baskets from Annelise hot little hands any time soon.
She was thrilled to wake up to a basket filled with candy and books (she's been obsessively reading the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series and is on the final book, she was very excited to get the first book in Rick Riordan's new series, The Lost Hero, she was only marginally excited to get two Newberry award books Hatchet and Catherine, Called Birdy but I'm hopeful her fickle feelings will shift).
Sadly though we didn't make Resurrection Rolls this year like we've done here and there and the ten-year old was upset, yet not upset enough to get up extra early in order to make them before the mad dash scramble to leave for bible class and church.

After church we posed for the requisite porch pictures.
Annelise was a mini-me this year in her new maxi dress and denim jacket.

Love. That.

And. Her.

We spent the afternoon at my dad and Peggy's house with her family where there was too much good food, of course. We had BBQ and sides, I made my Big Salad (of course) and her daughter-in-law Mary made this beautiful coconut cake. It kind of stole the thunder from the banana pudding and the other coconut cake dontcha think?
My dad tried out his new Craigslist steal, a bike, and was pleased as punch with it. He had found another one, also off Craigslist, for Peggy a while back and now they can ride bikes together. How cute is that?

Sidenote: I'm scared of Craigslist (you know, creepy murderers and all) but I feel like I'm missing out on some good stuff at the same time. Hmm...life vs. bargains?
After lunch, during a break in basketball (Annelise, Cole and Colin played pretty much non-stop all afternoon) we had the Egg Hunt 2014. Cadence, age 4, got a slight head start while the big kids chomped at the bit out of fairness, but then it was game on.
Followed by the Opening of The Eggs quickly followed by Comparison and Negotiation, for example, Cole gave Annelise one of his money filled eggs ($1) for some warheads.
Most of Annelise's candy disappeared as fast she could stuff it in her mouth. She cast the hard boiled eggs aside declaring them pointless, give her candy or money or nothing.

She is her mother's daughter you know.

How was your holiday? Do tell.

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