Six for Saturday

01.) I finally caught Annelise smiling during her soccer game (third of the season, in case you're keeping track) this morning. 
She's usually all business, keeping her eyes on the ball and much too cool to throw her mom (and hence my camera) a bone over on the sidelines in the form of a smile.

I'm chalking this ear to ear grin on the fact she had just scored her second, that's right her second, goal of the game.


She also did her signature *dance* but I wasn't fast enough with my lens to catch it.

I'll settle for her sincere smile.
She usually plays the whole game but the other team was short a few players so she had to take her turn on the sidelines (the horror!) until she could get subbed back in.
Soon enough she was back into the thick of the action, which is exactly where she wants to be.
02.) In unrelated news, have I told you I quit drinking half and half in my coffee?

It's true.


Is where it's at.

Who knew?

When I gave up those flavored creamers (aka flavored chemicals) a few years ago I thought I'd never survive the switch to half and half and agave nectar. Then, in a further shock to my system, I stopped putting sweetener of any kind and just used cream.

I survived.

Now I'm down to just the coffee. Black.

And it's good.

03.) I've also tried to limit my soda (I'm a Diet Coke girl) intake to only once a week.
Cue Sonic Happy Hour!

(Diet Coke with lime for me, lemonade for Annelise.)

We pass Sonic everyday on our drive home from school, and it's ALWAYS tempting, but  we try to only stop occasionally.

04.) I'm almost finished with my second week of P90X3 and am loving it.

Now that most of the soreness is subsiding, of course.

For the first three weeks of the program you rotate through the same 6 workouts, each only lasting 30 minutes. The fourth week is a transition week with cardio and yoga/isometrics, that's Phase One. Phase Two involves new workouts to keep your body confused and challenged.

Tony packs a LOT into 30 minutes, he's not messing around, yo'.

It's tough. It's sweaty. It's humbling.

But it's also fun!

Did I tell you that Scott is doing P90X3 too? He is, he is! We don't do the workouts at the same time, mainly because of floor space/logistics but we're still pushing each other along encouraging each other.

05.) Last weekend I took some photos for a friend from church. Her daughter's quinceanera is this summer and she wanted photos for a save the date kind of thing. I don't have a lot of experience posing people other than my own family or taking photos at casual events, so I was a little nervous.

We met at a local park that has gardens and a lovely water feature and basically played around with lots of different poses, sort of winging it. She was a great sport! We got a ton of beautiful shots, they might have a hard time making up their minds which one to use.

I realized (again) that I love taking photos and I need use my big camera more often. I don't have plans or aspirations (at least right now) to be a *real* photographer, but I'd like to get more practice posing people (non-family) for casual portraits and life style type shots.

06.) I don't have a #6.

I even left his post hanging while I did my workout (what?) (it was CVX, which is a weighted cardio, it might actually be my favorite so far in Phase One) hoping that something would come to me while I huffed and puffed, but alas, nothing did.

Now I must shower and finish cutting a few things for bible class in the morning (4 year olds).

Because I'm so timely that way.

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  1. I'm intrigued about P90X3. Sounds like it's a great workout. Yay for Annelise's two goals today!


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