Five for Friday

01.) Next year fifth and sixth graders can choose an elective from either band/orchestra, music and art or foreign language. At first Annelise was just going to choose music and art but I encouraged her to really think about it and talk to some of her classmates to see what they were going to do. I knew that if she found out that most of her friends are in band or orchestra and she's not she'd pretty much hate the universe and all things contained within.

All of this pondering naturally led us to the band and orchestra open house after school earlier this week where the kids could try out the instruments they were most interested in before making their decision. 

We went in with fairly open minds because we knew absolutely nothing about band or orchestra type things. She was initially interested in trying the flute, the clarinet and the french horn. Once it was our turn (it took a while) she tried the flute first but had a little trouble finding the right spot to blow, it all depends on how you hold it under your chin. There was this young girl helping to demonstrate and while I know she meant well, it was frustrating because she was almost showing off and Annelise couldn't quite get it to make the right sound.

So, no flute.

Next was the trumpet, which she took to like a duck to water (oy vey!) followed by the french horn, which is similar to the trumpet but swirlier and bulkier.

Drum roll please...we are now the proud parents of a future trumpet player.
It was all a bit of a noisy, ear-bleeding blur but I soon found myself signing a rental contract for her very own (sort-of) trumpet to be delivered to her on the first day of school in August. She's quite excited, even though the photo doesn't capture it (it might have been a little staged). I don't know if she's going to be a true blue band aficionado for like, always, but at least for fifth grade.

02.) Annelise got her eighth year dance award yesterday and was over the moon excited. Mrs. Jill (the dance studio owner) has a special tradition of giving the girls a silver ballerina pendant once they've danced at her studio for eight consecutive years (it also serves as in incentive to stay at her studio), then each year after they will get a different colored gem stone added around the border. It's something Annelise had been eagerly anticipating for a while (years!) and something that I hope will be an incentive to continue dancing.

Here she is with her sweet ballet and tap teacher Ms. Jane.
We bought a silver chain the day before so that she would be able to wear her necklace right away. This is her first piece of real sterling silver (well, other than her earrings) so I hope she takes good care of it.
03.) Her dance recital is this weekend in Galveston, which is always fun even though it involves a few trips back and forth to the island. She has her rehearsal this evening and the performance is Sunday afternoon.

04.) Mother's Day 2014 is in our rearview mirror now.
We probably should have planned things a little better, like by possibly going out to eat the day before, but we've never been the best planners. We waited 45 minutes, give or take, to eat at Carraba's, which, yum, but we were all a touch hangry by the time we got seated. We briefly debated leaving for another place but figured it would be the same everywhere and changing would put us behind at another place, so we stuck it out, because, Chicken Bryan.
Annelise and I were twinsies in our denim jackets.

Scott and Annelise spoiled me with a sweet card (we have a running Peanuts theme going for most holidays), new perfume (Tory Burch) and a hot pink and gold Kendra Scott necklace (see above).

Lunch was followed by lazy, which was perfection.

05.) A girl and her shadow walk into Target...
That can be dangerous.

Happy weekending, y'all!


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