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I seem to have misplaced my blogging mojo (again) and have let an embarrassingly long time (for me) pass between posts. Since I hardly ever journal with a pen and paper anymore, even in my 5-line, 10-year journal (let's just say there are extreme gaps), I like to keep somewhat current on the old blog because, well, memories.

So I'm falling back on my trusty friend, the list, in an effort to document some life of late.

01.) Annelise's soccer season is wrapping up, her last game is this Saturday. Her team has gotten stronger and each player has improved in some way. They've had some really close games but have only won one (I think), but that's not the most important thing.
Annelise has kicked a couple of goals this season and had lots of almost goals. She's improved her control of the ball and is fast at getting the ball down the field, it's like she has an internal switch she toggles and goes into another gear when she needs to.

02.) Sometime last month our last surviving set of king sized sheets ripped and I was faced with shopping for new ones.

Sidenote: we usually only have one set and just wash and put them right back on the bed to avoid folding them, which never ends well for anyone involved.

The shopping for sheets ultimately lead to a new duvet cover set and quilt, because, it was time.

I bought plain white sheets from Marshall's (LOVE them, might break my code and purchase a backup), a white ruffled (more like textured) quilt from Target and ordered a duvet set from Overstock.com. It came with these three throw pillows, which, whatever, I'm not crazed about them but they'll do for now. I'd like to get a blue throw pillow to bring out more of the sky-blue /turquoise color. I already had the white two square chenille pillow shams.
For days after receiving the duvet cover I pestered Scott with opinions about how much I liked the pattern because it was more modern and fun but not too frilly, how the white quilt was the perfect background, and how the brown, yellow, green and blue really work well together and it's not too overpowering and so on and so forth. He basically just agreed with me, and let me ramble, which he's learned to do over time.

Sidenote: I hesitated buying the white quilt because we have two black and white cats, one of which always spent 90% of her day on the bed and worried I was just setting us up for disaster and frustration but I ignored myself because, I loved the simple white ruffle quilt. In a weird twist of cat fate Spunky has set nary a paw upon the bed since we changed it. Winning!
03.) The Sunday before Easter we came home from church and lunch to see bags of leaves and stacked up cuttings piled up near the road and noticed men working furiously in our overgrown flowerbeds.

A few weeks prior to this Scott had chatted with our neighbor's landscaping crew about the possibility of them doing some work for us but nothing was ever finalized although we remembered him saying something about being really busy until the following Sunday.

While we were surprised to see them we were beyond thrilled to see the beds cleaned up.

Let's just say we were verging on Grey Gardens.

(Truth: Scott does a great job with yard work but every stinking time he tried to clear out the weeds and overgrowth he would break out in poison ivy or oak or allergies or something so things had gotten a bit out of control).
This is a view from the side. I can't tell you how tickled pink I was (am) to see separation between the  shrubs and look, mulch!

Yes it would be nice to have some seasonal color planted (our azaleas were blooming but have not quite recovered from their shearing yet) (the crepe myrtles are coming back now) but we better not push our luck.
04.) The drive to school is more fun when you can sing along with Janis.

Imagine my inner glee when Annelise admitted she liked the Kris Kristofferson version better, not because I don't like Janis' version, because it's the most famous, I do, but I think I most liked the fact that she even knew who Kris Kristofferson is.

I have a Spotify playlist with Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings and a few other country legends mixed in that we listen to in the car sometimes. I also have a Neil Diamond playlist, because, Neil Diamond. 
I remember listening to those songs, on 8-track tape no less, riding around with my mom so I feel like it's my duty to pass the torch, so to speak.

A few months ago I introduced her to the 1970's story song perfection in the form of Bobby Bare's Marie Laveau and she was all. over. it.
We had one of Bobby Bare's albums (along with Kris, Janis, Jim, Neil and so forth), this was one of my favorite songs, I think it was because of the screaming and getting to sing damn.

My mom also said that was the reason I liked Jim Croce's song Bad, Bad Leroy Brown so much.
(Those were the only two times she allowed that word.)

(Unless she said them.)

(Only upon occasion.)

But I think it was the stories I loved and using my imagination to see Marie Laveau conjuring voodoo spells in the swamp and Leroy Brown picking fights and being meaner than ol' King Kong and a junkyard dog.

I miss the story songs of the 70s and 80s classic country.

But not 8-track tapes. Too bulky and they whined.

And in case you're worried, Annelise and I sing *BLEEP* when Handsome Jack tells Marie she's too ugly for him.

05.) I'm trying to be a runner again.
I'm loosely committed to the #50milesinmay Instagram challenge (I'm @marathonbird if you'd like to follow). Saturday evening we made it a family affair, which was fun.
06.) Scott and I had two semi-dates recently, and they all involved food, which, of course.
Annelise went home with my dad and Peggy one Saturday after soccer so we high-tailed it to our favorite Greek place for lunch. There was a nice breeze that day so we ate outside and didn't melt.

We went out for breakfast last Friday morning at our favorite brekky place, The Egg and I.
We did talk, a lot in fact, but there was also a lot of NFL draft updates to check on his phone and much pondering and philosophizing to do as well.

07.) I've been working on Project Life.


I will do a more detailed post soon-ish but I've been getting 2013 into the page protectors and it feels AWESOME. I still have to add journaling but I've made it all the way to our Boston and Maine vacation from last summer. Yay!!  I'm keeping things super simple and bare bones with my main goal just to get photos from last year in the album with a few notes and stories along the way.
Jack Bauer was a great help.



  1. Your bedding is perfection. I really love it. I'm a fan of quilts from Target...I've purchased two. Nice to read all of your updates!

    1. Thanks Anna! This quilt was my first bedding purchase for us from Target, but I've gotten sheets for Annelise there before. I'm really happy with it.

  2. I love the white quilt from Target ....do you have a link to it or remember what it's called? I love your blog and you have great taste!

    1. Thank you Vicky! The quilt is by Threshold and it's called Raw Edge Quilt. It comes in a few different colors. :)

  3. The shopping for sheets ultimately lead to a new duvet cover set and ... targetbedding.blogspot.com


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