And So She Danced

One of last month's highlights was Annelise's dance recital, which has been a highlight of every May for the last, oh, eight years. We went down to Galveston Friday evening for her rehearsal. It's not a dress rehearsal, that's on picture day, but it gives them a run through on the stage.
Everything was running almost on time, meaning not too terribly behind schedule, so we finished up earlier than I feared. We celebrated with huge burgers and onion rings/fries at The Spot, because, yum.

This year Annelise's recital was on Sunday afternoon.We made really good time getting down there and snagging good spots in line so Scott's blood pressure was much lower than years past, so that was nice, but that meant we had to wait in line for 45 minutes, thank goodness we were in the shade.
This year I was only backstage for a bit before everything started then a quick check in at intermission, but Annelise managed all her costume changes on her own because she's SO GROWN UP and didn't need me (STAB to the heart) except to clip in a flower in her hair before her ballet routine.

This year she got to be a *big sister* to one of the girls in the younger classes, which she was excited about. The big sisters sit with the little ones backstage before the little ones perform.

She did allow me to snap a couple of photos backstage before things got under way.
Her tap routine was first and was to Footloose, which I could totally get behind, because, hello, such fond memories of 1984 and Kevin Bacon and so forth.
Here's the video for her tap dance:
Her ballet routine was to a song called Red Roses (for a Blue Lady) which I thought was sung by a husky voiced woman until Scott Shazammed it during the dress rehearsal and discovered it was actually Wayne Newton. What?

This was the first year she's had a more mature ballet costume, instead of something cutesy. The dress was so flowy and graceful but she still complained about it because she felt like she always had to pull the top up.
Here's the video for her ballet dance:
Her final dance was for jazz, to another 80s classic, We Built This City (on Rock & Roll), which totally gets stuck in your head on repeat (sorry).
Now I promise you I am far from a bossy dance mom but I'm beginning to realize (eight years late, duh) that there must be a bit politics involved to which child gets a more prominent placement because it's not just ability, size or performance. Could it be those with siblings in the studio get better positions (more $$$), hmm? This is the third year in a row that Annelise has been in the back left corner during her jazz routine yet the girls in front of her aren't necessarily smaller or better dancers. I'm a tad miffed.

(I'm not saying Annelise is the best dancer and deserves to always be in the front, I'm just saying that there seems to be a pattern and overall the placement isn't quite fair. Or maybe I'm overthinking it.)

Thankfully there was a brief moment that Annelise got to move to the front so we could at least see her for a minute.
Here's the video for her jazz number:
We were so thankful Pappo and Grandma were able to be there this year (they had a conflict last year).

(My dad is being Roy Orbison because he left his regular glasses in the car.)
We are so proud of our little dancer and love her to pieces!

P.S. Her very first recital though might always be my favorite.

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  1. I feel the exact same way about sports. We live in a small town and it seems as if the kids who have parents that went to school with the coaches always play first string. It's ridiculous. Or the parents who work the concessions and volunteer have kids that play more. Ugh. I feel ya!


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