Miscellany Monday

We had a fabulous afternoon and night out in the country yesterday visiting Scott's sister Karen, brother-in-law Bill and his brother Ron. For a fun twist, Karen's niece and her family were visiting for the weekend so Annelise enjoyed getting to hang out with kids in her age range.

An afternoon filled with fishing, horseback riding (thanks to Malachi and his owner Michelle), playing with four dogs, throwing footballs makes for one of the best days ever.

Here's a bit of evidence...
We got home LATE and STINKY so after showers we collapsed into bed. Poor Scott had to get up early for work but Annelise slept until almost 12. What in the world? She never does that!

So that was pretty much how we spent Father's Day, besides church that morning. Annelise gave Scott a Snoopy card (of course) along with lots of his favorite treats like Raisinets, Beef Jerky, a Burger King gift card and wasabi almonds.

Yes, we were shopping at Walgreens the night before Father's Day, what of it?

(Sidenote: We did spoil him a bit more for his birthday a few weeks ago with three new shirts so we didn't go crazy for FD.)

In unrelated news, I managed to get in two morning runs over the weekend, which felt great. Even though it's not always easy to get up early it's so much cooler to run as the sun is rising or even before, plus you feel so accomplished getting your exercise out of the way before breakfast.
Bit by bit I'm getting my miles in for the #56milesinjune, racking up 22 toward my goal so far. Saturday morning I managed to get in four miles but all of the others have been three miles. I'd like to try for five soon but just haven't gathered my mojo and gone for it.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. I shopped at CVS for Brandon two days before Father's Day! ;)


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