Miscellany Monday (The 4th of July Edition)

Our Fourth got off to a bit of a slow (read: lazy) start, which makes no sense seeing as we had just come back from a little vacation the day before (more on that in another post). 

Have I ever told y'all that I'm a serious introvert/borderline hermit? It's true. Getting the umph to go to social events--even those laid back ones with super close friends--is almost always a struggle for me. I know, I'm a handful.

But I managed to push my hermit alter ego aside and we went over to our friend's house for yummy burgers, chatting, swimming (the kids), laughing (everyone), trampoline jumping (again, the kids), sweet treats and fireworks.

As you do.

Annelise made a batch of crazy easy blondies and I made a tortellini pasta salad.
The kids had a blast swimming, at least until the rain and thunder started. The womenses had a blast eating and chatting, as did the dudes, just segregated.
We moved outside for sparklers and firework viewing.

In the rain.

As you do.

Pat rigged up his canopy for the kids to do their sparklers (eight boxes!) under, which immediately became highly comical due to all the smoke.

It was like a Cheech and Chong movie.

Sort of.
But the kids didn't mind.

Later Pat moved the canopy over a bit so we could all watch the nearby fireworks but the mosquitoes were determined to undermine our firework viewing. Those little buggers.

(I crack myself up!)

All in all, it was a fun night that ended up stretching into the next day (like 2:00 am, what?), which Annelise LOVED staying up that late. I was rather wrecked most of Saturday and perfected the art of laziness.

That's right, straight back to hermit.

In other news, we had quite the drama Saturday night when Annelise dropped her iPod into her bath (!!!), which you know, it was like I had never, ever warned (threatened?) her about not using her iPod near her sink or tub. We tried the rice in a bag trick and she and Scott went to the Genius Bar Sunday afternoon and the Genius guy managed to perform some resuscitation voodoo and get it's little electronic life back. But it might be quirky for a while.

And in completely random-y random news, Ulta is having a big sale on their jumbo sized salon brand shampoos. Lately I've been trying to use better shampoos to hopefully keep my color lasting longer. I've always waffled between salon brand shampoos and drugstore (usually Pantene or L'Oreal), never really convinced there was that big of a difference. But if I can get a good deal on a salon shampoo? I'm so there. This time I got jumbo Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, so we'll see how that goes.

Annelise has been all worked up (read: fed up) about her curly, often slightly frizzy hair but she doesn't always want to take the time to use products or style it other than her go to low ponytail. Since there was a sale, I bought her her very own *fancyfied* shampoo and conditioner (it's AG recoil, is AG a good brand?) for curly hair that's sulfate free, which is supposed to tame the frizz and soften curls. Fingers crossed it makes a difference.

I guess that's enough miscellany for now!


  1. Loved your run down of the 4th! And FYI I'm stealing a few of your pics that turned out way better than mine ;). Some of mine were a bit blurred!

    1. You still got some good shots! I was a lazy photographer for sure.

  2. I love Biolage shampoo! I use the sulfate free (in the silver bottle) since I have Keratin treatments. Also, I am very hermit oriented. Getting moreso as I age.

    1. Introverts unite! In our own homes! Alone! ;)


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